Hi Again

You know you’re a nerd when you go to Las Vegas and have a great time hanging out with other nerds instead of going to the casinos. I suppose I should go and look at the man casino before I leave, so I know what one looks like. But the whole Riviera Hotel is one big casino.

6 thoughts on “Hi Again

  1. Is that supposed to be man casino ,or main casino?

    Do they got a chippendales in Vegas?

  2. maha-
    I caught you guys on Cspan! I saw the beginning up to Murray Wass anyway (had an important phone call right after, darn it) and I tried to spot you. You must have had a great time. They’re covering it again tomorrow at noon ET.
    Casinos are bizarre. We go through Las Vegas on all our summer trips up to Wyoming and I’ve always felt like a mouse in a pinball machine, jumping at all the sensory overload, whenever we stop for a break. Some people love it, though. I know you’ll have fun, just being a part of “the scene.”

  3. Well, I meant main, but maybe there is a man casino. And, yeah, they got Chippendales and suchlike in Vegas somewhere. The only entertainment in the Riviera that I might actually pay money to see is the La Cage aux Folles review, but I probably won’t get to that, either. Tonight there’s a keynote address by Harry Reid, an event sponsored by Moveon.org that I hope involves food. And after that I’ll probably hit the sack. I’m out of here early tomorrow to fly home.

  4. Oh “main” instead of “man. I was getting excited and also thinking that I was out of it because I had never heard of a man casino. If you see some male dancers like the Chippendales, be careful when you tuck the money into their thong or whatever you call it. I’ve never been to Vegas.

    We know Joe Wilson is a hottie. See any one that turned out to be a real toad?

  5. I’ve been dragged to Lost Wages a couple of times, for conferences and what not, and I can’t think of a more depressing place. You’re trapped inside your casino-hotel because it’s too hot to go outdoors, and if you don’t want to pay the stupidity tax (ie. gamble) there’s nothing else to do. The place used to at least have 99 cent buffets but now those same buffets are more like 20 bucks.

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