I’m just checking in quickly between panels. This place is a HOOT!

This morning I found myself hanging around in a little group of people that INCLUDED Joe Wilson, Larry Johnson, Murray Waas, and George Lakoff. Just shootin’ the breeze with my bro’s. And I got to shake Mr. Wilson’s and Mr. Johnson’s hands and introduce myself.

That was so cool!!!!

I’ll try to blog some more later, but now the panel’s about to start. See ya.

7 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. How exciting!!!

    We hit 100 degrees in the heartland today. Just for fun I checked the temp in Vegas… 98 degrees.

    Must be all those unbelievably cool people gathered in one place.

  2. I know that if I met Joe Wilson I would be tongue-tied. He and Valerie make the perfect pair – they could even play themselves in the movie that will inevitably be made. Looks aside, he presented himself as he usually does – intelligent,self-deprecating, suave, handsome…ooohhh I’m back to looks.

    After watching the convention on CSPAN today, a new question was raised for me. What do I call myself? I comment occasionally on various blog sites. I heard the term lurker today. Don’t like the sound of that but is that what I should consider myself? Just wondering what the politically correct terminology is.

    I give a lot of credit to those who got up to ask questions and identified themselves by their real name and “blog” name. You could tell that they hoped that they might be recognized for their past posts.

    I would love to attend this convention next year just to be among the crowd.

  3. Maha-Just remember what happens in Vegas stays there! Enjoy!

    I heard about the convention on NPR. The man reporting said that it looked more like a political convention. He talked to the man who started and/or runs Daily Kos. I also thought that it was a man connected with Daily Kos. I think the NPR said it was someone named David.

    Also, the NPR person said that he was surprised that many of the bloggers looked like regular folk!

  4. Also, the NPR person said that he was surprised that many of the bloggers looked like regular folk!

    Yes, especially after we get our horns filed off.

    A guy showed up at tonight’s speech wearing a tin foil hat. Love it.

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