Jet Lagged

Phase I of Conference-a-thon is complete — I’m home from Las Vegas. Tomrrow morning I fly to Washington, DC for the Take Back America conference. I hope to spend the rest of June napping.

My backpack is stuffed full of notes from the Kos conference. For that matter, my head is stuffed full of ideas from the Kos conference. But right now I’m too frazzled to pull the ideas out of my head and distill them into language.

I expect to be live blogging the TBA conference, so I hope to have some actual content posted here sometime tomorrow. Thanks so much to Donna and Erin for keeping the blog fires burning these past four days!

6 thoughts on “Jet Lagged

  1. One of my close companions is a (sony) digital voice recorder (similar to this one). I get ideas all the time, often in the middle of night, and this allows me to capture them much more easily than pen and paper. It’s also great for keeping a dream journal.

    If you’re comfortable talking, it might not be a bad idea to do a brain dump into a recorder before you leave for your next conference. These pocket recorders are invaluable for events such as conferences, because you can record ideas as they occur, instead of trying to recall them all later. Most of them hook up to your computer, which can then suck up all the voice files; they can then be played or manipulated on your pc, thus saving the recorder’s batteries.

    These gadgets are a serious help for people with too much on their minds. Say it and forget it.

  2. Sorry for my poor manners in forgetting to thank Maha’s daughter, Erin for posting while Maha was away….I am glad we were introduced to you and your blog!Thank you.

  3. Wasn’t there a song in ’60’s or 70’s called “Travelling Man”? Maybe we should make that “Travelling Woman”!

    Have fun!

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