I’m Hungry and My Feet Hurt

I am coming to you from Bloggers’ Row at the Take Back America conference, which is in the Exhibit Hall of the Washington Hilton. The Take Back America people gave me a press pass, but the “MSM” types are somewhere else. Does that mean we’re an exhibit?

And did I mention the wireless Internet provided to us sucks? The guy from _____ Company had better fix it, or his company is going to get slimed by a whole lot of bloggers, big time.

12 thoughts on “I’m Hungry and My Feet Hurt

  1. Maha, please educate me what is “MSM” type? or just “MSM”. I am totally ignorant!

    If they promoted the wireless as part of the package, I would be having a “hissy fit” and kicking some butt! I think that I would ask and expect a refund.

    AltHippo – you must be there because Maha said nothing about the food other than just wanting some. What was up with the Robert Redford presser?

  2. I think that I would ask and expect a refund.

    Well, I can’t very well get a refund, because the TBA people invited me here to be an exhibit and I’m not payin’ for it.

    “MSM” means “main stream media.”

  3. NeoJoe: I found a sandwich, thanks. And they’re supposed to feed us barbeque later. And I’ve been off my feet a while now, so I’m a little more cheerful.

    You should drop by and say hi. I think we bloggers are the best exhibit here.

  4. I hope you get a chance to rest your feet(and the rest of yourself too) in a nice hot tub(jacuzzi)…Don’t forget to take care of yourself ….Hurry home and tell us all about your adventures!!!

  5. Traveling is all about comfortable shoes.

    Your fans can’t wait til you’re home again, maha!

  6. Yeah, hurry home Maha, and if you find any “bonus fries” under the couch cushions, don’t eat ’em, no matter how hungry you are.

  7. Maha – If you did get some ‘que, how was it? Was it beef, pork or chicken or all 3.

    Comment 9 – You’ve got that correct, Donna’ it’s all about the shoes.


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