Michelle Malkin Is a Shameless Lying Bitch

Malkin says progressives booed Hillary because she asked them to support the troops. If you play the clip she linked to, you can hear people starting to boo when she talks about the troops — something to the effect that the troops are the best we have — but then the clip cuts off suddenly.

What Malkin cuts off is that people were shouting “BRING THEM HOME!”

They were not booing the troops. They were booing Hillary for not supporting the troops.

I sat in that hall and know good and well no one in that crowd booed the troops. In fact, as I recall, during other speeches (like John Kerry’s, to the same audience) the same audience applauded expressions of support for the troops.

Malkin’s blog is all about targeting the people she wants her readers to hate. Hate is what Malkin is all about. It’s her reason for living. She lies and distorts and smears, and she cultivates hate.

Right now I’m so furious (that’s anger, not hate) I wish I believed in hell so I could imagine Malkin in it. At least, we’ve still got karma.

I’m home, by the way.

Update: Crooks & Liars found a clip of Clinton’s entire speech. The section in question starts at the 24:35 mark. I can’t hear the shouts clearly, but it’s obvious people in the crowd were shouting, not booing. Then a couple of beats later when the Senator spoke about providing better body armor, etc., people applauded.

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28 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin Is a Shameless Lying Bitch

  1. I wish I believed in hell so I could imagine Malkin in it. At least, we’ve still got karma.

    My beliefs have no such limitation. Hells and demons are real, I know from personal experience. Bad karma is your ticket to these places.

    Did anyone at TBA record or tape the proceedings? I think you should contact Media Matters. Time for some instant rebuttal.

    Stepping back a bit, the more the Malkins of the lower astral hells do their thing, the more it inspires the rest of us to become stronger.

  2. There was all kinds of videotaping, so it’s all on tape. You’re right about contacting Media Matters. I’ll do it right now.

  3. Right on Maha….
    Got anger? Channel it out, girl! And Media Matters sounds like a great way to start. Nothing worse than chewing on anger to rot the soul.

  4. I don’t know about hell, but Malkin makes a convincing argument for the existence of demons.

  5. Ah, the magin editing and the magic ellipses.


    Democrats? Not so much–they have to play fair.

    Thank you for your witness.

  6. Malkin, crazy jingo belle….
    From this point I will no longer refer to the men and women of the armed forces as “the troops”, the handle is overused and reeks of fascist group-think.
    Supporting the men and women of the armed forces means doing what’s right for them, getting them back on U.S.soil so they can be constructive, back to their friends and families and careers.
    One of my friends left for Army boot camp today.I hope he will be ok, but at20 yrs old , 6’8′ ,and as clumsy as they come, he’s one big-assed target. The Army has promised him a huge sign on bonus plus a butt load of money for school.
    Thanks to his “sacrifice”, the children of the elite and banshees like Coulter, Malkin,Parker, and Ingram won’t have to “Serve” they are safe in their world of luxury singing patriotic looney tunes.

  7. In Malkin’s world, “supporting the troops” means nothing about supporting the flesh-and-blood people who are putting their lives on the line. It means “support the presence of our troops in Iraq where our great leader has placed them.” So by her thinking, the people yelling “Bring them home” were, in fact, booing the “troops” by asking that they be taken out of harm’s way, contrary to Bush’s policy. Such is the thinking of those who unquestioningly support the Bush party line.

  8. I share your anger Maha, and I will raise you some pity…I pity that woman and all of her hate. She is a bitter , self-loathing ugly human from the inside out.Think of what a terrible way that must be to live. I feel sorry for all who buy her hate filled bill of goods and then claim themselves informed.I feel sorry for a America where hate filled voices spread flat out lies and drown out voices of reason and honesty…

    Lets face it the paid hacks are looking for anything….and if they can’t find anything true they will just make shit up…

    The sad part is her readers are so hungry for their 2 minutes of hate they will never bother to learn the truth and soon the booing story will end up in GOP fund raising letters….

    She is true human decay at it’s lowest form,, perhaps she couldn’t stand all the attention ann was getting…

    Welcome home!!

  9. To be accurate, Michelle Malkin didn’t edit the video, she just linked to it. Bryan at Hot Air edited the video and first made the claim that the Dems booed the troops. Michelle spread the lie to a larger audience, so now it will be part of the mythos that the left is anti-military.

    He’s calling you a liar, maha, and claiming that Time Magazine backs up his assertion that Dems booed when Hillary called for support of the troops.

    Here’s my piece on it.

  10. I guess I better brush up on my reading comprehension..Michelle Malcontent begins her spew with...We’ve captured and posted… Leads me to assume it was a collaborative effort with little Bryan the video journalist extraordinarie.You win some, you lose some..life goes on. oblahdee

  11. I wrote some time ago about this. When Hotair was first created, I signed up during “comment registration” period. I commented no more than three times and spoke only to the issue each time. At no time was I disrespectful or antagonistic. Within a week, I could no longer sign in. None of the new passwords that they were ‘gracious’ enough to send me allowed me access to the site. And of course, “comment registration” is now closed.

    Maha – you say how furious you are over Malkin’s views. I think it’s much more frustrating reading/seeing/hearing her views and not be able to respond to her and the ignoramuses (or is that ignorami) that follow her. At least you have the forum in which to make your feelings known (and I’m sure she will eventually hear your views if only via her devoted malkinites). I have settled for avoiding reading/seeing/hearing her views.

    As much as I dislike Ann Coulter (she doesn’t warrant my hate or anger – just sympathy), I think everyone on the liberal side and many on the conservative side dismiss her as a bleached-blonde over-the-hill wannabe in a short black cocktail dress (that is- I wannabe with a bleached-blond model-type that will keep me warm at night so I can stop writing these stupid books that I must promote on these stupid talk shows so that I can attract a stupid bleached-blond model-type that will keep me warm at night). How’s that working for ya so far Ann? I had to add that – just saw her on Leno and he was far too nice to her.

    As I was saying, I think that Malkin is much more dangerous. She reminds me of the black widow spider. Her followers adore her. Most comments start with how beautiful she is. The more they feed her ego, the more she feeds them her venom and ‘Vents’ their brains.

    However, there is one place that she was left vulnerable – she has (or used to have) an email adress at her michellemalkin.com “the pen became a clarion” site (gag). I used this one night to copy and paste about 5 pages of an issue I felt very strongly about. But use this at your own risk – she has found a way to use even this to her advantage. You may remember when she was criticized for advertising the names and phone numbers of some college kids that she disagreed with (don’t remember the issue). In an attempt to defend her behavior she wasted no time publicizing some of the raunchy e-mails that she apparently receives on a regular basis (I can’t imagine why). She is the ultimate excuse maven.

    Yeah, I’m furious too (hate, not anger) – but I’ll work on it.

  12. “They were not booing the troops. They were booing Hillary for not supporting the troops.”

    You just did the same thing Malkin did. I guess in an attempt to smear Hillary. Shame on Malkin, but shame on you too.

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  14. You just did the same thing Malkin did. I guess in an attempt to smear Hillary. Shame on Malkin, but shame on you too.

    I was stating a fact, as explained in the post. I take it you are extremely stupid.

  15. Bryan at Hot Air edited the video and first made the claim that the Dems booed the troops.

    As Swami said, Michelle had claimed ownership to the clip when she said “we.” Whether she did the actual editing or not is hardly the point. The point remains that the editing of the clip was, shall we say, “creative.”

    The Time magazine piece is accurate. There was loud booing of Hillary when she said she opposed setting “a date certain.” This is exactly what I wrote about the speech on Tuesday. But the clip was of a different part of the speech.

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  17. Once again Maha, thank heavens we have righties playing with clips to tell an eye witness what she saw….un- friggin -real!!!!

    Honest, you should save all the little righties in rightie world some time (they could use it to extend their 2 minutes of hate maybe?) and just put “I’m not your monkey” across the top of your blog.

    Faux (s)nooze does this type of “reporting” all the time,, it is no wonder the “hot air” crowd has taken to parroting their behavior…remember, never let facts get in the way of reporting the story you want to tell(which is ,from their point of view ,we hate our family members in Iraq serving…did I mention this crowd is what we call pond scum in these parts?)… and also it is important to never get the story from actually being there…you should never believe what you see(or hear) unless you are told that is what you see(or hear)…wait for the official word from the right before forming a point of view based on insane logic like facts…..take my advice and don’t light a match around any of that “hot air”…..I still say someone doesn’t like ann getting all the attention….

  18. Maha-

    When I was skimming through all the posts from various sources in my RSS reader, I saw this one’s title and thought maybe it was a piece from Rude Pundit or something. Looking closer and seeing your name under it, I realized you must really be raging mad to use such language in your title. Good for you!

  19. Whether she did the actual editing or not is hardly the point.

    The right certainly are masters of being beside the point. You’re right, it’s not worth the time to respond to every minor complaint.

  20. You people know less about Michelle Malkin than you do about winning elections…..

    All I know is what she writes. What she writes is hate and lies. I can go to her blog and read it for myself, and that’s what it is. And I say “you people” are a pack of lobotomized zombies.

  21. Maha-
    Thank you for continuing to expose these hate spewing and disgusting sub humans! Malkin is clearly psychotic.

  22. Malkin is a bitch and I can’t believe that she gradudated from an Ohio college.

    I saw her on C-SPAN about 5-6 months ago speaking at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

    The students booed her.

  23. I wish I had the abilty to write a beautiful paragraph specfically expressing why and how much I can’t stand this slimy bitch (Malkin)but I don’t have the attention span to do so nor the writing talent.

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  25. you poeple are so hateful. “when you cant argue with facts, use personal attacks”…should be the democratic slogan for this years election, huh?

  26. you poeple are so hateful. “when you cant argue with facts, use personal attacks”

    I did use facts, dear. You “poeple” must be too stupid to read.

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