Bryan Preston Is a Shameless Liar, Too

The question at hand is whether there’s something about being a rightie and being a pathological liar that tend to go together. Or being a rightie and pathologically stupid; take your pick. Bryan Preston at Hot Air is shamelessly calling ME a liar and then twists facts to “prove” it.

Bryan pulls a sleight of hand by implying that I claimed the audience at Hillary Clinton’s speech had not booed at all, which is a lie. I said they had not booed the troops in the part of the speech presented in the Michelle/Bryan video clip. And then he quotes a bit of a Time magazine article about the boos at the Clinton speech to “prove” that I lied. But the Time article refers to a different part of the speech, and in fact the Time magazine article corroborates what I wrote about the speech last Tuesday. Behold — this is what I wrote Tuesday:

Earlier, Senator Clinton had also spoken on the subject of Iraq. She is opposed to an open-ended commitment of troops, she said, but does not support setting “a date certain.” This inspired some boos, as well as applause.

Time magazine:

But then she came to Iraq. “I do not think it is a smart strategy,” she said, “either for the President to continue with his open-ended commitment, which I think does not put enough pressure on the new Iraqi government, nor do I think it is smart strategy to set a date certain.” Members of the crowd yelled, “Why not?” There was loud booing. It was almost impossible to hear Clinton as she spoke over the crowd to declare, “I do not agree that that is in the best interest of our troops or our country.” After her speech, as Clinton was walking along the stage and shaking hands with attendees who had rushed to meet her, more than a dozen members of the crowd stood and started chanting “Bring the troops home! Bring the troops home!”

Bryan the Dim claims that Time magazine “has our back”; no, dear, it has MY back. Not yours. If you listen to the UNEDITED version of the speech, it should be obvious even to an idiot — which, I suppose one could argue, might leave out Michelle and Bryan — that the crowd was heckling Clinton, not booing the troops. The heckling isn’t clear in the video, but I was in the hall during the speech, and I heard some people yell “bring them home.” Which is what the Time magazine article says, too, although it refers to the end of the speech.

And anyone who is a regular here knows I am no Hillary fan. I might have heckled her myself except that I was wearing a “press” pass and was trying to look objective.

I wrote more about what went on in the hall in another post titled “Booing Hillary” and followed up a bit more in “Take Back Washington.” Clearly, I never said that the audience didn’t boo during the Clinton speech. I had already written three posts referring to boos during the Clinton speech. What I said was that they were booing Senator Clinton, not the troops.

Bryan also makes a Big Bleeping Deal about him being the one who edited the speech, not Malkin. But Malkin claimed ownership of the video clip on her blog — “We’ve captured and posted the video of Hillary getting booed as she asks progressives to support the troops.” So as far as I’m concerned, whether she or Bryan did the actual technical work (and chopped off the video clip to give a false impression of what happened) is beside the point.

For more from someone else who was there, see Susie at Suburban Guerrilla.

Update: Taylor Marsh, who was there too, is a better person than I am. She attempts to walk Michelle and Bryan through the speech to show them where they went wrong. Patience of a saint, I say. I just want to hang bells and warning signs — “flaming liar” or some such — on them just to let folks know to keep their distance.

Update to the last update:
We need bells and warning signs for this little wingnut, too.

Update to the update of the update before that: BTW, the little wingnut linked above seems to think the U.S. won the Vietnam War.

8 thoughts on “Bryan Preston Is a Shameless Liar, Too

  1. I just went over to HOTAIR to check things out, and found the site spewing exactly that…a lot of Hot Air is just for starters. Funny thing though…I wanted to leave a comment/message and they have absolutely NO comment section. What a bunch of yellow bellied cowards. They love to twist and torture the facts and eye-witness accounts to support their contorted rightie whack-job reality. (Obviously following the actions of Lord-God-King-Bush…Mr. WMD himself) But cower and flee in the face of opposition or debate. Michelle and Bryan, you’re soiling your panties and the stench is very unflattering, thats not Hot Air we’re smelling.

  2. I wanted to leave a comment/message and they have absolutely NO comment section.

    As I understand it, you have to be registered to post a comment, and registration is closed. That’s why I made sure to leave a trackback. 🙂

  3. I found the consent agreement you have to register with to join, but registration is closed, so I was unable to register. It is their site and they can run it however they want, but it seems a bit contrived , utterly un-democratic and manipulative. Another glass of GOP Kool-aid, Ms. Malkin?

  4. In regard to the update to the update of the update…. How can a war be lost while never losing a battle is one of the great mysteries of the twentieth century. It appears this phenomenon is about to replicate itself in the twenty first century, and what’s most unusual about this previously unprecedented occurrence in history is that one particular country will be party to both events.

  5. Maha,

    I love you and everything (and I plan on sending you a link to my roundup on this whole incident), but can’t we make “bitch” a general neutral term of degradation? For instance, I would be much more comfortable if the title of this post had been “Bryan Preston Is a Shameless Lying Bitch, Too.”

    I always hate to be the PC police, but I don’t think it’s a frivolous thing to bring up.

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