Why I’m Not Famous

I’m no good at self-promotion. Truly, I am. I always feel as if I’m missing out on opportunities somewhere just because I have no clue how the self-promotion thing is done.

Anyway, the article linked shows us why politics talk shows are so stupid. You don’t have to know squat to be a pundit; you just have to be a camera hog willing to say anything to cause a stir.

Update: Speaking of punditry — this is the funniest damn thing I’ve seen in, like, forever. Hat tip to Crooks & Liars.

18 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Famous

  1. Thanks, I think, for the link. Great companion piece to Jeff Cohen’s “Cable News Confidential.”

    There’s truth to the power of self-promoting, but these people are just raw self-promoters, unencumbered by the demands of possessing brains and talent.

    If you could only have one–fame or intellect–at least you’ve got the right one. Even if you never get famous, you’ll be remembered.

  2. Get thee to a marketing class, woman. Or read books about marketing. Think of it as personal growth, a way to expand yourself, even a way to heal yourself. Even though this information may not be germaine to the specific task of promoting you or your blog, they’ll give you ideas and a mindset to start from.

    For decades I had terribly low self-esteem, which is finally changing. The inability or refusal to market myself properly – which stemmed from this lack of self-confidence – led to a series of dumb jobs, stupid relationships, poverty in the midst of fantastic opportunity, and generally a very mediocre life. I didn’t come from the Ozarks, I hail from the blue collar rust-belt, where poor self image is epidemic, and where these skills are generally not known or taught, because people generally feel they have little of significance to offer.

    You have a really great product and at times even get the recognition you deserve – how many of us been on CNN or have had lunch with a President? You just need to learn about marketing. Books and classes are out there for this purpose.

  3. Well, Maha, I say thank God you’re not Ms. Schlussel. Neither in ideology nor in whatever-word-other-than-“style” one uses to describe her rantings.

  4. I agree Barbara. Televised punditry has become a joke. Is it really influential or does it harden the existing polarities? IMO, all it does is sell ads and tv producers who consider that the prime objective should be shunned as ethical lepers.

    I consider your works far superior to that, despite the absence of the larger audiences. When your audiences reach their peaks, you’ll be happier, I’m sure, that you never had to stoop so low to conquer.

  5. Whoa, there Maha…..surely you realize that lots of the pundits described in that article are sorta a new form of street ‘ho’.

  6. The word that comes to mind is “shameless”. The great self promotors, like at least most Republican politicians, are pure and simple shameless.

  7. They left out Ben Stein. Ben Stein drives me nuts, whenever I hear him speak, all I can think is his roll on “The Wonder Years” where he played the monotone teacher.Caramba!Talk about nails on a chalk board…..

  8. I’ll agree Ben Stein sucks…But isn’t he the perfect example of a Nixon-nosing toady?

    Had a biology teacher my sophomore year at P.B. High whose dreary, droning voice,. during the apres-lunch period, was sure to sweep me off to the arms of Morpheus…

    So I fought down my adolescent shyness and started flirting with the girls, just to keep myself awake…

    The things I learned in Biology class…

  9. The first question, in my view, is not whether you are good at self-promotion, but whether you’ve decided on the identity of the “self” you wish to promote. As many have noticed, what’s called punditry has been so “tarted up and dumbed down” over the years that it serves no purpose other than entertaining the nation’s lowest common denominator. I’m sure you could find a way to “market” yourself into the verbal food fight set, but would you really want to? Sure, it’d be nice to have the money, but you’d still have to look at yourself in the mirror.

  10. I guess if honest and insightful writing isn’t enough to draw recognition, than it’s just not meant to be. There’s always the path of the screech monkey( Malkin, Coulter)…biting the heads off of live chickens or advocating the forced sterilization of illegal immigrants to draw a crowd. Appeals to the basest elements in the human condition seems to provide a more lucrative financial dividend, but the price paid in a spiritual values of integrity and honor are exceedingly high. Not as an endorsement of scripture, but as an endorsement of truth, I have to say..Nothing profits a man like a good reputation..

    Maha..on another note.. I read over at Glen Greenwalds blog an interesting posting making people aware of time and effort that goes into composing a post and keeping a blog. Unbeknown to me was the amount of work involved, he simply didn’t just sit down and pull his insight and knowledge out of the air by some gift of nature. He works hard to provide commentary.. And I would assume the same applies to you.
    Since I’ve been reading your blog I have seen you make a pitch for the financial consideration of others, but have never seen you express a possible consideration for yourself. I know your motivation in blogging was not founded with financial designs, but reality necessitates that work be compensated to some degree and that people can’t respond to a need if they are unaware. Anyway. enough rambling from me. I hope people get my point. I’ll hit the paypal button to guard against hypocrisy and to express my appreciation for your excellent work..

  11. The first question, in my view, is not whether you are good at self-promotion, but whether you’ve decided on the identity of the “self” you wish to promote.

    Gracious, I don’t have a self (it’s a Zen thing). This may be a problem.

  12. Maha: “This may be a problem.”

    Same problem most of us have. I think only the natural born sociopaths among us are completely comfortable with the creation of an artificial, highly marketable “self.”

    Whether or not you use what could be called “self-promotion,” I think it’s very important to keep this blog going. I noticed your Paypal donation button, so I’ll be happy to help out with a few bucks. (Campaign donation season now, or I’d send along more).

  13. Actually that gives me great hope. While I’m a law student, what I REALLY want to be is a pundit that goes on tv and expressed my (obviously) correct views.

    That’s my dream job.

    Ah well. Back to work for now!

  14. Go formula:

    1. Skimpy clothing and long shiny hair.
    2. A repertoire of sassy “come hither” looks.
    3. Be capable of doing anything and everything except biting the hand that feeds.
    4. Turn “morally conservative.”

    Yeah I know, this crap only works for righty males, whose lizard brain button is ever so easily pushed by the subconscious message of “Lets show off our superiority together by attacking these inferior males.” (Female version of course being: “I’ll protect you”)

    If only liberals were harder to fool this way.

  15. Whoops.

    Switch that last line “harder” to “easier” if you don’t mind.

    Starbucks is better than Folgers in the morning.

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