3 thoughts on “Don’t Miss

  1. The big Muddy is right.

    I’m seeing Bush trying to shift responsibility for the mess in Iraq to the Iraqi’s and to his generals… Defeat is on the March!… It appears that Bush’s Iraqi campaign is in its last throes. Even some of the illustrious 101st Fighting Keyboarders are purging their web sites of their official deployment patches. Captain Ed’s muster roll of deployed warriors has dwindled down to just 6 winter soldiers. These are the times that try men’s souls?

  2. Olbermann is a national treasure.

    The Iraq mess is not funny at all, but Bush and Co. are sooooo pathetically, embarrassingly ‘funny’ [as in ‘there’s something ‘funny’ like ‘crazy’ about this] to offer America, now awake to years of Administration lying, one last unbelievable huge and blatant lie of “we were never about ‘stay the course’ in Iraq”.
    I agree with a Josh Marshall suggestion: find and air in new political ads all the many instances of Repugs using that parroted ‘stay the course’ mantra over the last year.

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