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While I was writing the last post the news came out that Trent Lott will be the Senate Minority Whip in the next term.

What can one say, but … thank you, Jesus.

The Right Blogosphere is pissed. Jeff Goldstein writes,

Now, if somebody will volunteer to dig up Dick Nixon and get him on the ticket for ‘08—maybe with Buchanan as a running mate (if Agnew’s moldering corpse proves too difficult to keep tethered to a chair in one solid piece)—the GOP can officially finish itself off with one last glut of pork, then, by way of massive party coronary, return us all to our republic’s salad days of Carteresque social and foreign policy.

I hate to say this, but Dick Nixon’s corpse would do a better job running the country than George W. Bush is doing. Not that I’m suggesting we give postmortem government a trial —

Atrois is wallowing in nostalgia (enjoy; you earned it, buddy).

Senator Mitch McConnell, lovingly described in Capitol Hill Blue as “a thug and shakedown artist,” will be Senate Majority Minority Leader. Way to go, GOP!

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  1. Senator Mitch McConnell, lovingly described in Capitol Hill Blue as “a thug and shakedown artist,” will be Senate Majority Leader.


  2. This reminds of the time the Rs tried to impeach Clinton. At the time, I was tempted to write/phone Gingrich and the other wingnuts leading the charge, to egg them on in their witch hunt, to keep on digging their own political grave.

    Republican stupidity truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Praise Jesus indeed!

  3. This will have to be considered heresay, because I have not been able to find the particular Mitch McConnell story which I read in print [local newspaper or magazine] long before I had a computer.

    The story was that McConnell kept getting elected in Kentucky even though everything he did in Washington undercut the working classes who nevertheless continued to vote for him
    . In the summers before his re-election bids, the strategy was the following: those in his business class base would host big picnics for their employees and employees’ families and offer free entertainment and free food and beverages for all. Sometime during that picnic, an award [which awards were ‘made up’ with nice sounding names] would be given to McConnell.
    I suppose most of those employees never had a clue about how they were manipulated to feel good about the ‘award winning’ McConnell, rather than ever look at his voting behavior which shafted their working class interests. The story stuck in my mind because his behavior was so……blankety-blank …….fill in the blank [can’t think of the word that fits here].

  4. When i came across your comment on a dead Nixon doing better than W I laughed because I was thinking the same thing.

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  6. In Canada, after the amazing meltdown of the federal Tories (due to the one two Mulrooney/Cambell knockout) they tried to get back in the game by attracting the youth. Their vehicle? Ancient failure Joe Clark (managed 6 months as PM once). The equivalent would be… well, hiring Ron Stewart to entertain your teenagers. Putting Trent Lott in is a similar gift, and I can only say, than you very much, GOP.

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