8 thoughts on “Why John McCain Won’t Be President

  1. McCain must believe there is good reason to pander to the religious right. He’s certainly not going to just go out and say things he believes!

  2. Sorry to be blunt, but McCain is a little dick head.( yeah, little as opposed to big, as in pinche) His comments about Chelsea Clinton were repulsive, as a father of a 13 year old girl, I can’t believe a man with the position McCain had at the time would lower himself to make such a an attack on a defenseless child.besides that, he was (notso) swift boated during the ’00 pimaries by Dubya and continues to kiss Bush’s ass anyway.Not my idea of a man………

  3. I was for McCain when he ran against Bush. Now, I just think he’s pathetic in the way he’s had to sell his soul to the devil (Jerry Falwell et al) to even get the chance to run for President. These so-called Christian Conservatives have much to answer for. They talk about the ten commandments but they do not keep them – especially when the commandments stand in the way of what they want.

  4. Yeah he’s a dickhead alright!. Notice how he says he doesn’t think the supreme court should be legislating like they did in Roe v.Wade. If my guess is right, they didn’t legislate, but they determined the constitutionally of abortion, and that’s all.. they didn’t legislate shit.

    Now McCain is pushing to send more troops into the failure called Iraq and he wants Roe v. Wade overturned…didn’t he figure out that that act has been played before by a certain dimwit, and it’s not the path to success.

  5. I am confused. McCain is no idiot. He’s smart enough to know that most-I mean the vast majority – support a womans right to an abortion early in the pregnancy. He’s smart enough to know that the majority support a dignified exit strategy over more of the same in Iraq. But last week he was arguing for more troops to win the war, without a strategy for success. He’s a vet; he was a POW. He’s reportedly seeking the nomination, and in the first two weeks after the election, he has shot himself in both feet. If McCain is not mentally impaired, the only thing that makes sense is that someone else is pulling the strings.

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