Via Avedon, via Digby, a conservative writes honestly and candidly about what happened to conservatism. If you don’t have time to read it all, be sure to read the last eight paragraphs.

As Digby says, “After living with ‘movement conservatism’ for so long it’s actually a bit disorienting to see a conservative under the age of 70 or so with intellectual integrity.”

3 thoughts on “Remarkable

  1. Conservatism = spreading global democratic revolution?
    I suppose that is “creative destruction” touted by Michael Ledeen and several other “think tankers”. The vehicle they employ is a form of terrorism.
    I yesterdays news paper, Mallard Fillmore yearned for William F. Buckley to run for president. What a change that would be…
    from a neoconservative president that we can barely understand due to his lack of “book learnin'” to a paleocon who delights in showing off his intellect by using language most common folk don’t have the time to comprehend.
    Interesting how Orwell is referenced by both left and right lately.

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