12 thoughts on “Bill Richardson

  1. Nobody knows him and he is not pretty enough. Seriously. Not gonna happen.

    He would make an excellent Secretary of State though. He just single-handedly negotiated a cease-fire in Darfur. That’s better than everything Condoleeza Rice has done in the entire time she’s been in the current administration (I’m including both jobs.) But she’s prettier, so she does a better photo-op.

  2. One word:

    Wen Ho Lee

    He ain’t gettin the top spot on a Dem ticket, that’s for sure. But he’s a shoe in for Secretary of State in a Dem admin and is a potential spoiler for Veep.

  3. What an impressive resume Richardson has. This will be a good primary season with so many good candidates joining the field. I really liked the Democratic debates from the last round, and look forward to those of this round.
    I understand the debates start in a couple months. I wish they could start before that, just to give airtime to whatever could drown out the sounds I hear of Bush’s not so subtle war-mongering about Iran.

  4. Great V.P. material.
    Hillary should be Sec of state or sec H.E.W.
    Richardson seems like a smart fellow.
    I wish him well.

  5. Not interested in Bill Richardson at all. In my opinion, the person who would represent us the best, Kucinich, doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell because he’s not pro-Corporate like all the rest. Whoever wins the nomination and runs against the Republican nominee I will vote for because I don’t want another Republican in the White House.

    Where’s an FDR or a Teddy Roosevelt for our times?
    We need one desperately. Could an FDR or a Teddy Roosevelt win, given our corporate media? I’d like to think so.

  6. RandyH—I’m not so sure Condi Rice is prettier than Bill Richardson. Personally, I can’t stand to look at her.

  7. I will support him if he’s the nominee.
    I would prefer Edward’s, Obama, or Clarke. Because, Che Pasa is right, Wen Ho Lee will haunt Richardson.
    Regardless, I will support anyone the Democrat’s put up there. Actively! (I like Hillary, but I think she is too open a target for the MSM, who will do everything in their power to demonize her. Joe Klein is wetting his arrogant and stupid lip’s at the thought.)
    We have 2 years to get our country back. If Republican’s win again in ’08, we have two choices. Run, or take to the streets.

    We have to realize that the fascism of the right will never die. We will have to fight it for the rest of time.
    Of course, if we were a more open and educated society, it might help to minimize the number of them. But, that is what the fascist right has been fighting since before Reagan.
    Less than two years, folks. Do whatever you can in that time. I’m doing what I can in Fayetteville, NC, a military town. Do what you can, please…

  8. Check out Steve Clemons. If what he says is true, only a Dem party hell-bent on suicide would support him.

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