Al Wins!

If you’re watching the Oscars, by now you know Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” won in the best feature length documentary category. If you missed it, you can watch Al’s acceptance at Crooks and Liars.

Be sure to see William Booth’s article in WaPo, “Al Gore, Rock Star.” Sample:

Take the Cannes Film Festival: Al Gore was mobbed. By French people. He was a presenter at the Grammy Awards, alongside Queen Latifah, where he got one of the biggest welcomes of the night. “Wow. . . . I think they love you, man. You hear that?” the current Queen asked the former veep. Earlier this month, the ticket Web site at the University of Toronto crashed when 23,000 people signed on in three minutes to get a seat to hear Gore do his thing on the oceanic carbon cycle. At Boise State, Gore and his slide show sold out 10,000 seats at the Taco Bell Arena, reportedly “faster than Elton John.”

That popping sound you hear is the exploding of rightie heads.

6 thoughts on “Al Wins!

  1. Right-tard morons don’t have any examples of good leadership. It always blows their minds when they see what they want, but they are on the wrong side of the issues. Tee-hee

  2. If there were ever a man for the times, its Al Gore. Too bad he won’t run for President. I think he’d win and it would be so sweet on so many levels.

  3. Real Right Wingers don’t watch the Oscars, dontcha know. Last year they had a cow when Jon Stewart was the host. And this year the host was Ellen Degeneres, a Lesbian!!! They would have had a bigger cow seeing her onstage. OR an elephant. 😉

    I thought Gore’s acceptance speech with Leonardo DiCaprio was clever. DiCaprio kept leading him up to “making a very big announcement” and when Gore finally started to say he would be honored to…then the orchestra started to play him off the stage. It was funny.

    Congratulations to Al Gore and here’s to more publicity for the cause!

  4. The wingnuts are rapidly turning green…with bilious envy. But then I’ve always thought that jealousy drives much of their behavior. Trying to copy The Daily Show is just one example. Talk about having no original ideas!
    Desperation is going to dominate rightwing print & tv as they try to deny that they are the ones who are really going to be left behind.

  5. Al Gore is the Devil and Global Warming is a hoax designed to advance the homosexual agenda. Just shoot by Conservapedia to get the truth.

    P.S. just kidding.

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