There’s No Pleasing Some People

You probably heard that a a suicide bomber detonated himself in Afghanistan yesterday, and the incident became international news because Vice President Dick “the Dick” Cheney was nearby and was, by some accounts, the intended target.

Apparently a number of commenters to this Huffington Post news item left snarky remarks to the effect that the terrorist missed. I hope they were joking. In any event, the Huffington Post closed comments and deleted the most egregious comments from their site, which is what I would have done, also.

So exactly how can Pajamas Media find fault with Huffington Post about this? I agree with Ron Chusid:

Perhaps the most absurd attack of all comes from Pajamas Media. They criticize Huffington Post for showing the good taste to remove the comments expressing a desire that Cheney had suffered harm. Apparently they fail to realize that the fact that liberal bloggers will not tolerate such expressions of violence on their blogs undermines their entire argument against the liberal blogs. Of course if they were able to process information in a rational matter they wouldn’t be conservatives.

See also Glenn Greenwald. As Glenn points out, comments — especially anonymous comments — do not necessarily reflect the positions of the web site/blogger or other readers or anyone else on this planet. It is unfortunate that there are people who wish physical harm on others, like expressing a wish to lynch Supreme Court justices, or making excuses for commenters who wish to lynch Supreme Court justices. Or mocking a blogger who has breast cancer.

Oh, wait; those weren’t commenters. Those were bloggers. Right-wing bloggers. Sorry.

5 thoughts on “There’s No Pleasing Some People

  1. Have the fighting keyboarders started attacking the Bob Woodruff documentary on ABC last night as some sort of leftie attack on the morale of the troops? Good news that breaks your heart. The good news of Bob Woodruff’s miraculous recovery just underscores the tragedy of all the others who weren’t so lucky or privileged. If the Iraq war had been an honest response to a real threat, these terrible injuries and ruined lives — both American and Iraqi — would be the tragic price of fighting for freedom. But this war was based on lies, and there never was a real threat to our national security. This war was not a cause, it was a crime.

  2. Ron Chusid said: Apparently [righties] fail to realize that the fact that liberal bloggers will not tolerate such expressions of violence… undermines [the righties’] entire argument against the liberal blogs.

    Of course they realize it; that’s why they’re upset that the offensive comments were removed.

    I’ve never been inclined to play God and say who should live or who should die; that’s one reason why I condemn assassination. Another, lesser reason is that it sometimes creates martyrs of the utterly undeserving.

    I think most of us would love to see Cheney toothless and incontinent, preparing to meet his maker in his due time, with all his sins on his head just like Hamlet’s uncle/stepfather.

  3. I certainly think the Huffington Post did the right thing. Would that they would do it more often:

    I have noticed a disturbing tendency amongst a significant minority of HuffPo readers to blame anything they possibly can on the international Zionist/Jewish conspiracy. I’m not talking about legitimate criticism of the Israeli government, for instance. I have seen comments that would make neo-Nazis here and abroad proud–vicious and visceral anti-Semitism that would be considered middle-of-the-road in Iranian government or Al-Qaeda circles. I find it scary and I am highly offended that HuffPo leaves all these comments on the site.

    I admit that I have yet to write to HuffPo concerning this issue. My one attempt got erased by accident. I really should do it, though.

    Thanks Maha, for being so vigilant on your blog. I really appreciate it.

  4. I just wish Cheney would reap a portion of the suffering he’s sown in the lives of others. A dollop of divine retribution bestowed upon Cheney might make a believer out of me.

    I can’t be so big as to hide my heart and not express my contempt for the person Cheney is..He’s a monster, and any tragedy that could befall him would be welcomed in my sight. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord… and he can have it, but I’ll enjoy every minute of being a witness if it comes to pass.

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