Panic Where Panic Isn’t Due

Last Friday, 95 percent of the town of Greensburg, Kansas, was destroyed by tornadoes.

Thanks to the Bush Administration, Greensburg will remain destroyed for a while.

GREENSBURG, Kan. (AP) — The rebuilding effort in tornado-ravaged Greensburg, Kansas, likely will be hampered because some much-needed equipment is in Iraq, said that state’s governor.

Governor Kathleen Sebelius said much of the National Guard equipment usually positioned around the state to respond to emergencies is gone. She said not having immediate access to things like tents, trucks and semitrailers will really handicap the rebuilding effort. …

… The Kansas National Guard has about 40 percent of the equipment it is allotted because much of it has been sent to Iraq.

In other words, the war in Iraq is eroding our capability to respond to domestic emergencies, including terrorist attacks. Although I feel for the residents of Greensburg — I’ve seen what tornadoes can do — I hope everyone in Kansas who supported Bush and his war takes note that if terrorists take out downtown Wichita, they can expect little help from the government.

Meanwhile, the righties have been terrorized by an exploding backpack in Los Vegas:

A backpack exploded in a parking garage attached to a Las Vegas hotel early Monday, killing a man who had picked it up and injuring another person, authorities said.

The man had removed the backpack from atop his car when it exploded shortly after 4 a.m. on the second floor of a parking behind the Luxor hotel-casino, said Officer Bill Cassell, a police spokesman.

The second person was taken to an area hospital.

Aerial video showed no apparent damage to the parking structure, where entrances were blocked while police, firefighters and federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents investigated. No further information was immediately available.

Sister Toljah is chattering about suicide attacks. “This incident may or may not have anything to do with al Qaeda terrorism,” says Michelle Malkin. At least she’s giving herself an out if the backpack owner isn’t Muslim.

But the Luxor Hotel has an Egyptian theme. Egypt is a Muslim country. See the connection?

BTW, I did a keyword search of Michelle’s site to see how much blog space she gave to the Alabama Free Militia. None, it turns out.

11 thoughts on “Panic Where Panic Isn’t Due

  1. ..I hope everyone in Kansas who supported Bush and his war takes note….they can expect little help from the government.

    I’m told that Gov. Sebelius is one sharp, up and coming Democrat, in red state Kansas no less, and that she’ll be more than able to connect the dots for her constitutents. More here.

  2. Sister Toljah and Michelle Maklin must be devistated this was not a terrorist attack. They had to be ready to slam the Democrats and liberals for making our country weak so this could happen. I am sure Laura Ingraham will have a lot to say on this too. Sorry girls, not this time. But I am sure you will do everything you can to scare the hell out of everybody that “this could have been.”

  3. I have tremendous sympathy for those people, no matter who they voted for. Sad to say, some lessons can only be learned the hard way. Maybe help from their governor will win them over to the light.

  4. Meanwhile, the King of Gaffes is insulting the Queen of England, hinting that she was alive in 1776 and that she is his mother. My god, every time that brainless chimp opens his mouth, I cringe.

  5. I remember back in the days of Jimmy Carter’s administration some comedian made a quip about his family ( remember MS. Lillian and Billy?) being a comic’s dream.
    Enter the shrub…..
    On last night’s Larry King Show, the Bush impersonator was on!
    WHAT A HOOT!!He nailed dubya to a “T”. You can’t make this shit up……..Like Ann Richards said ” George can’t help it, he was born with a silver foot in his mouth!”
    Sorry you’re gone Annie……………

  6. I have to say that it was a smart move of Her Majesty, coming from a country where the idea of doing away with the monarchy comes up frequently, to be seen in the company of Commander Guy and The Penguin. It certainly makes the idea of a hereditary Head of State seem more reasonable by comparison, if only to spare the nation embarrassment.

    It’s true they did invent the concept of a mad King George, and we just copied it. Still, I’m plenty embarrassed.

  7. In other words, the war in Iraq is eroding our capability to respond to domestic emergencies, including terrorist attacks.

    Dont you get it? We’re fighting them over there so we DONT HAVE to fight them over here. The Rules clearly state that as long as we stay in Iraq they can’t attack the US … … and if they do, well, we will just have to call them “cheaters!” and refuse to play anymore.

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  9. My heart sure goes out to the people of Kansas.
    What a terrible storm…….

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