David Schuster Is Da Man

Logan Murphy writes at Crooks & Liars,

David Shuster filled in for Chris Matthews this evening on “Hardball” where he interviewed neo-con author, Fouad Ajami, and absolutely shredded him over his Wall Street Journal OpEd comparing Scooter Libby to fallen U.S. Soldiers in Iraq. Shuster was relentless, never letting Ajami off the hook and blasting him with the truth and hard facts.

Go to C&L to see the video.

5 thoughts on “David Schuster Is Da Man

  1. My, that was enjoyable.

    Mr. Ajami’s skill with metaphor is excelled only by his understanding of the difference between legitimate political debate and criminal activity. Hint: legitimate policy arguments don’t involve burning CIA assets. Fitzgerald didn’t criminalize the debate, Cheney did.

    People are calling for Shuster to get his own show, but I’m torn. I’d hate to see him stop reporting. Still, it’s so refreshing to see these talking heads come up against someone who actually knows the facts and isn’t afraid to use them.

  2. I was waiting for Shuster to refute his guest’s repeated core assertion that Libby was left alone to hang. At any time, Libby could’ve told the truth, bringing down the whole charade.

    Nonetheless, it’s great to see someone as sharp as Shuster go get em. Matthews looks old and befuddled by contrast.

  3. The only fact that was missed in a fast-moving discussion is that Joe Wilson questioned the validity of – what turned out to be fabrications – the ability and intent of Saddam to make a nuc bomb from materials he was supposidly trying to obtain from Africa. It was BEFORE the authorization by Congress, and Joe had enough credibility to cause some to pause in the rush to war. It was NOT part of a legitimate difference of opinion to ruin the career of Joe’s wife, a CIA agent. She was not involved with the discussion or debate; she was on the sidelines til the VP opted to break the law and engage in dirty politics. All BEFORE the war was authorized.

    But it was a beautiful discussion.

  4. In’t is scary when, what should be expected, becomes the new’s, not the norm?
    Yes, Schuster was great. Everything Chris should be, and isn’t.
    But, isn’t that Chris’ fault?
    Why is it “Hardball” only when he isn’t on the air. Why does Shuster do a great job. Why does even Barnicle top Chris?
    This is “Hardball?”
    Usually, it’s “Softball…”

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