2 thoughts on “Solidarity With Sister Susie

  1. Sounds like a good idea … only question I would have is, who would qualify to get subsidized? Couldn’t be just anybody with a political blog, there are tens of thousands … but if you just count “the biggies”, probably less than 50. But .. how much time and effort goes into BECOMING a “the biggie”?


  2. I spent a bit of uncomfortable time with this blog, particularly uncomfortable since I have not supported Barbara when she has been gracious about tolerating my babble. There is no question that Bloggers are not rewarded in any way consistant with their contribution. No health insurance and no retirement security are only 2 aspects. IF there was a mechanism for providing a small umbrella for you, I worry that, depending on who is holding the umbrella, it could become a mechanism to influence WHAT is written – or not written. I hope that the ‘top’ bloggers agree – if such a system comes under consideration – and it should – that the structure must NOT allow the Dem Party Machine (or whoever) to use the power of the purse to affect the power – and content – of the blog.

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