How Did It Come to This?

The AARP produced this video, which “tells the story of a real American family pushed to the brink of financial ruin by a personal health crisis.”

7 thoughts on “How Did It Come to This?

  1. Hmm, didn’t a court case, a guy named Daniel, and some not-so-scurrilous-after-all documents signal the end of Richard Nixon?

    It almost sounds Biblical.

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  3. We’re the frogs in the pot.
    Other countries in the “industrialized” world take care of their populations. A healthy, educated population is a great idea.
    Alas, if one wishes for socialized medicine and education, there’s always Canada. If one wishes for these financed by U.S. taxpayers, there is always Israel. The jokes on us…………….

  4. I am SOOO tired of people screaming about all the ne’er-do-wells who are causing problems in the US health care system. Judging by what I read on other sites, your country is overrun with single moms (tramps, as someone put it recently on another site) and convicts who are milking the system for all its worth.

    If you want to see what ordinary Americans think, try going to this site ( ) and reading the comments under a post entitled “Calling all Canadians”.

  5. Concerning the URL I posted in #4: If you’re interested, go to the site ASAP. It’s run by a fundamentalist Christian (although it’s for people who’ve had or will soon have) hip replacement surgery and she could easily decide that too many Communists have written in on the topic and erase the whole thread.

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