3 thoughts on “Wingnut Alert

  1. From the story … “But an independent review for the network determined the story was neither fair nor accurate.” I dunno for certain what said “independent review” actually stated, but the story WAS fair, and WAS accurate … the problem is that it was poorly sourced. A couple of the memos used were never able to be validated … NOT proven fake, but that’s where the smart money is … but those memos were not the entirety of the report. They could have (and, as it turns out, very much should have) been left out and the basic point would have still stood. Not as strongly, but still.

    In fact, it just occurred to me … they could have used those memos after all … present them, explain that it was not possible to validate whether they were real or fake, but then shown footage of that guy’s secretary, explaining that altho she doesn’t think these documents are real, they are similar to many documents she personally typed up. There, story completely zipped back up.


  2. Rather got boned, I hope he sues the piss out of ’em, then goes on to exposing more crap about our decider

  3. Good for Dan Rather… I hope he wins his law suit, and in the process sheds some light on the drug addled preppy who shirked his duty to country. Not that it will change anything at this point. but any focus on Bush’s true character can’t hurt. Maybe it will win a few converts in seeing what a fraud Bush’s is.

    Why clean up your own mess when others will do it for you? That’s sound logic,no?

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