Our Friends in Canada

You Canucks are gonna love this — apparently at last night’s GOP candidate debate, Rudy Giuliani said “If we implement HillaryCare, Canadians will have no place to come for their health care.” (Quote picked up from this rightie site.)

Be sure the Canadian press picks that up, OK?

4 thoughts on “Our Friends in Canada

  1. It’s true — if HillaryCare were implemented, Canadians wouldn’t come down to the States to use its health care system. What’s not clear to me is exactly how that’s different from today. Or does Giuliani think Canadians buy American health insurance? Because we like spending money on a broken system in preference to using our own, working system, I suppose?

    Oh, wait, I forgot. We’re suffering under a “passionless, by-rote mediocrity doled out by FedGovBureaucracy Inc.” Well, I can happily live with my health care — just as happily as Mr Fury can live with his myths.

    By the way, even if Mr Fury’s statements reflected any Earth reality, it’s not like Canadians are looking to the USA to help. The trusting relationship has been severely eroded in the last seven years — if it weren’t for cross-border shopping while our dollar is so high, I wouldn’t be looking to the USA for anything at all.

  2. Wow!
    Hillary isn’t even the Dem candidate and their heads are already spinning. I watched the “debate” last night. interesting how the theme went from” how much more I love God” in the previous session to “vote for me or Hillary (demon spawn from hell) will win.”

  3. Arrrgghh.

    What I’ve learnt from the right is that if you say the lie often enough and loudly enough and to enough people…they will believe it’s the truth.


  4. Be sure the Canadian press picks that up, OK?

    Maha, I knew there was something wrong with that sentence. It should read:
    Be sure the Canadian press picks that up, eh?

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