2 thoughts on “Override Fails

  1. Amazing. Who’d have thought politicians would vote against happy, smiling children to stand by a lame duck? What’s next, the GOP comes out against cute puppies?

    I can see it now. “We must allow these puppies to die, because the Democrats in Congress refuse to compromise, and they are trying to create a back door for government approval of other cuddly, adorable pets! Kittens, or god forbid, ferrets. We cannot allow this!”

    Mindbogglingly, some Democrats are saying this is a good thing, because it will keep the issue alive longer. Yes, indeed, as all of us wonder why the hell they can’t ‘get ‘er done’.

  2. Once again the Right has won the fight and lost the argument, while the Left has done the opposite. Once again power gets its way, for now, at the cost of its legitimacy. In fact it seems as if the Right wins precisely _because_ it is wrong. Their strength is as the strength of ten because their hearts are impure.

    The left has long been using what I call the “Russian Strategy”, in honor of Russia’s successful destruction of two fascist invaders; Napoleon and Hitler. In both cases they retreated, harassed the invader from safety, then let Old Man Winter do the dirty work. Similarly the Left in America has been cedeing ground for years, in full expectation of the arrival of Old Man Winter; which in this case means Depression. (And/or climate chaos, peak oil, etc.)

    All of this is in theory fine, but sooner or later we, the party of the People, really ought to start winning the fights as well as the arguments. The trouble with the Russian Strategy is that it’s costly. The fascist occupier leaves behind scorched earth.

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