8 thoughts on “Conservative Correctness

  1. I find it very interesting…there seems to be a big effort here to kill a messenger…the messenger being the very disturbed young white male…who is already dead.

  2. Dont forget the first day knne-jerk meme they tried to propogate that the killer was a “Christian hater”… until it turned out he was the home schooled Christianist product of Christianist parents. Oops.

  3. OK wow! Church has changed.It used to be a place to turn when you were in need…now they simply have security shoot em.Bravo!Why am I not suprised righties somehow find a way to cheer for this?
    For a long time I have not allowed guns in my home.No exception to this rule what-so-ever.I have faith in my God to protect me without one, or to take me when it is my time.I will let my God decide my fate, not a side arm.I am always amazed at the church going crowd and their lack of faith in the words they preach.Ok, you believe in God and he is said to be all powerful and you need a little metal object to protect you? Oh,Ye of little faith.
    I am sickened anyone would bring a gun into a house of worship. I would expect such behavior from a mentally un-stable person, but from the so called “Good guys”?
    I am aware there are people out there who are lost and sometimes guns fall into their hands but isn’t it the job of local police departments to provide security for communities rather than jack booted thugs recruited by a church? I would not feel safe in a church full of armed people,I don’t care who they are.And if I had kids it would be my job as a parent to keep them away from any situation where guns were present and I knew it.To do otherwise seems like neglect and endangerment to me. So you can’t even let your kids go to church now because the “good” guys and the “bad” guys have declared it where they will duel at 50 paces.
    Churches now are takers, not givers.Go to a church and ask for help.Most will send you to a shelter they claim to give donations to. Go seek compassion and direction they will turn you away.They want people to go in, listen to their pre written speech and fill up that collection plate and leave… go to them in any other emotional state and “security” will cap you in the ass and be damn proud of it; Onward Christian soldiers!Let that be a lesson the the next disturbed person who finds themselves near a house of God.
    Grab you flak jackets,bibles and gun cases kids, weez goin to church.Today the preacher is gonna tell use how proud God would be if we shot crazy people before they can shoot us!It is the sure path to heaven…..
    Who would Jesus shoot?

  4. Justme –

    I applaud the moral decision you have made not to own a gun. I agree that JC was a pacifist. As I understand the New Testament and the history of Israel in Jesus’ time, he could have and was expected to lead an uprising against the Roman occupation, but instead brought a whole new philosphy to the world, and many ‘christians’ don’t remotely follow.

    But I am not a Christian and I am not a pacifist. I believe in the right I have to own a gun and use it for my own defense. Now, I ask, are you suggesting I do not have that right? That because you are a pacifist (and I respect that) that I must be a pacifist also because you are?

  5. No Doug, I don’t mean to suggest you don’t have that right but at what point do I have a right not to have it inflicted upon me? I would like to think at somepoint the rights of the majority of people,good and bad who do not carry guns should be taken into account also…after all it is the cross fire causing the bodies not the pacifists(of which I am not one as a whole)…

    At what point do we say enough to “good guy , bad guy” shoot em ups?How can we fuction as a society where you have to duck to miss the crossfire,even at church?

    If you fear the world so much that you can’t go to church without a gun stay home where securing your family is the most logical and let the rest of us go out and brave it …

    I respect your right also to not be a pacifist, but not your right to inflict that upon me and society, any more than I would respect anyone who inflicted their life style choices on me.If I might be the one caught in the crossfire,since those with guns are not normally aiming at themselves, don’t I and the others in that path everyday have any say? Or do we just all have to fall victim forever to where those bullets go?

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