4 thoughts on “False Advertising

  1. And, to quote Lily Tomlin’s Edith Anne:: and, that’s the truth! (don’t know how to type the sound of sticking her tongue out)

  2. By God they would just love to show us the proof of how many lives have been saved but…..they can’t because it’s classified. Luckily it’s still O.K. to claim that lives have been saved because that is not classified. Neat.

  3. The reason that the torture, I mean interrogation, tapes were destroyed was to protect the identites of the CIA sadists, I mean patriots who inflicted, I mean administered torture – I mean, approved and sanctioned techniques…

    What’s not known is that after word of the tapes surfaced, the administration came up with a method for protecting the identites of agents in a cost-effective way. They located a few friends with the experience and know-how and sent them to Iraq to teach how you can make-do with bed sheets and hoods. For sport, add emblems and mytique, and its CIA/KKK.

    Bad jokes aside, the word was out in Iraq that the US tortures a LONG time before pics surfaced in the media. The word was SUPPOSED to get out. We abused them and released them with the GOAL of having the word get out. Why? For the same reasons the KKK burned crosses and hung nooses. To terrorize and break a populace, so we could impose our political will.

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