On Tuesday nights I go to rehearsals of the community chorale I belong to. So I miss political events that take place on Tuesday nights. I did not watch tonight’s debates, and between bloggers and the television bobbleheads, I’m not getting a clear picture of how it went down. If you watched, you are welcome to leave your impressions here.

2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I’ll just leave one comment on the debate: I thought Hillary was pretty weak on the first national security question, and Obama was very strong. I don’t remember the substance, just my impression…
    Russert is a moron of the highest order. He tried to force Farrakhan’s worst anti-Semitic statements into the question, Obama cut him off.

  2. It’s time to change the format of the debates. McCain is not going to have any more debates. Obama and Hillary can do whatever they please…they could even have a debate with a moderator of their choice and limit the dicussion to topics they select.

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