Obama Strikes Back

I missed Obama’s speech, sorry. I’ve been cruising around looking for reaction. People who like Barack Obama say it was brilliant; people who didn’t are less impressed. Here’s the transcript.

Pastor Dan has been looking at Obama’s Pastorgate with some interest. Be sure to read “Let Me Tell You Something About Preaching,” “Barack Speak,” and “Religion & The ‘More Perfect Union’.”

12 thoughts on “Obama Strikes Back

  1. I’ve only at time to read parts of the speech but it was very good. I basically like Obama but am concerned about some of his stances (i.e., his comments on Social Security). But the speech, at least the pieces I’ve read, has a lot that I agree with (i.e., his comments about white working class resentments).

    (And, in light of the current meltdown in the financial sector, I wonder if he would rethink his comments on Social Security. I would hope so.)

  2. PurpleGirl: Obama’s comments on Social Security have been grossly misunderstood. He makes it clear on his web site that he will have nothing to do with privatizing Social Security.

  3. I think the most striking thing about Obama is his lack of dogma. I only got to listen to a little of the speach while driving in on the radio this morning – but it struck me from what I heard that he just layed out multiple different perspectives on race and gave his take. The Audacity of Hope was written in that manner as well. It wasn’t particulary that he proposed anything dramatic that impressed me – its simply that he could see multiple perspectives and reason his way through in a fairly reasonable manner. I find this to be very refreshing and like few other politicians in this era. If we don’t elect this man it will be a real pity.

  4. I got to watch most of the speech before having to hit the road today. It wasn’t preachy or manipulative, it was direct and to my ears authentic. It wasn’t written or delivered in order to be rah-rah, it was in fact adult to adult communication. What a freakin’ change.

    For several years now I have spent most of a February Saturday watching C-SPAN telecast Tavis Smiley Presents: The State of Black America. Most of the panelists appear to be in Rev. Wright’s cohort and a number of them certainly let loose with the same sense of anger and outrage that he did, although not as explicitly.

    This year Dick Gregory went on a rant for a number of minutes that had the nearly all black crowd roaring. Because of what I had seen and heard on these programs Wright’s words did not catch me by surprise because what Wright said clearly reflects a voice for that generation of black Americans.

    If you have to talk to Shrillary supporters or wingnuts about Wright’s vehemence be sure to ask them about a black man drug to death behind a pickup truck full of Jasper, TX peckerwoods. You might also mention the 1981 lynching of Michale Donald in Mobile, AL (see ask.com).

  5. I saw the speech (I work from home lucky me). It contained many of the themes that caused me to become an Obama supporter in the first place (raise political discourse, unite the country, fight poverty, etc.). I just think it is complete bullshit that he had to give the speech in the first place. I mean this whole flap is ridicules and was and is being exploited by the main stream media for simple and disgusting reasons: RATINGS. I mean come on Sean Hannity started this whole thing by Airing the Reverends rants on his stupid little hateful cable show. Why does Obama have to answer for what his pastor says? I don’t get it! Are republicans who are regularly guests on Rush Limbaughs , (“Obama is a Halfricanamerican”) show held accountable for what he says? Give me a fuckin break! This is just the latest chapter in the Corporate Media’s attempt to derail Obama’s candidacy, because if Obama is elected and does manage to begin to unite the country who would watch their hateful, divisive, racist, little cable “TV news” shows.

  6. I heard the entire speech and wept through most of it. Yes, I am passionate, and yes I am easily swayed by eloquence.

    Early on in the speech, what came up for me was a deeper dislike of Hillary as I said to myself why are you putting this decent man through this.

    Before, listening to the televised clip of Wright’s homily played endlessly, I fully understood that here was a black man who had spent his formative years under Jim Crow and of course his anger was still fresh and would always be so. Should we expect otherwise?

    Finally, as the bean counters continue to parse and reparse Obama’s words, the spirit of his speech, it must be hoped, will invigorate the American people to see all of us as one.

  7. Lack of dogma… direct and authentic.

    Aboslutely. I only saw a brief section of the speech on the MSM evening news, but I read the entire transcript over my lunch hour. About a third of the way through, I was blinking back tears.

    That may sound silly, but here was a front-running candidate for President of the United States speaking clearly, reasonably and intelligently on an explosive emotional topic. Obama refused, as a politician, to tolerate the rhetoric of racial division; at the same time, he refused, as a human being, to throw someone who is like family to him under the wheels of the bus. I sat in my cubicle at work, reading, fighting tears, and whispering “Wow” over and over.

    I supported John Edwards until he ended his campaign. I initially came to the Obama camp purely because I believed Obama could beat McCain, but Clinton can’t. Now I’m convinced there is no reason Obama can’t be a great president, no matter what the Rightie hate machine tries to throw at him.

    If Sen. Clinton could just recognize the reality of the situation, and step back graciously, she would be doing so much good for this country. (When pigs fly, I know.)

  8. I hear ya Joanie!
    My rightie compadres keep saying retarded things like “the muslims will be dancing in the streets if Obama wins”, yeah, I’ll be dancing too, and the whole world will breath a sigh of relief…
    But why wait? Impeach the current bunch of creeps now!!

    In case you guys have been wondering where I’ve been, little brother’s lung cancer got him several weeks ago, I’ve been busy with his affairs.
    Cigarettes are killers…………….Worse than an army of “terrists”

  9. Erinyes:

    Sorry for your little brother, too bad. I quit the cigs 1 year ago, They dont kill me anymore, keep up the awareness, your story will save lives.

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