11 thoughts on “How Do You Know When Cokie Roberts Is Saying Something Stupid?

  1. I think Cokie is jealous. We all want to go to Hawaii. It’s a beautiful place and much more laid back than Kansas.

  2. she is not too fond of brown people, huh?
    i emailed This Week:

    on the show this past sunday Cokie referred to the Obama’s vacation to Hawaii as “exotic”. that was a slam on Obama, and unnecessary…it only props up the McCain campaign line of trying to paint Obama as unAmerican.
    the fact is Obama has family in Hawaii.
    Cokie is from Louisiana, attended college at Wellesley and now lives in South Carolina…isn’t her saying Obama’s Hawaii vacation exotic a bit of the pot calling the kettle black?

  3. this week’s “get rid of Mara Liasson/Cokie Roberts (circle one…heck, circle ’em both)” email to NPR was sent winging on its way by 0715 PDT. There are some regular segments of Morning Edition during which I usually turn down the volume; the Monday Morning “Political Analysis” has joined the list…

  4. For those of you who saw the Paris Hilton presidential announcement. (If you have not – find it on You Tube) She was flipping throught a travel magazine, and I distinctly heard her say… “ooooohhhh Moui”. Now you may think it’s coincidence, but I think she’s planning a Hillary and she’s gonna offer Obama the VP slot.. That’s why he’s really in Hawiaii.

  5. Notice how she places her eyes as she talks. Evasive eye contact it appears to me…You can’t hide your lying eyes? Her words and her eyes tell me she’s angling to stick it to Obama. She used the words “foreign” and “Obama” in a sentence, and that’s redeemable for valuable bonus points by the McCain campaign. Cokie scored early.

  6. Cokie is a Village insider from waaaaaaaaaay back. Her father was Hale Boggs… Senator Hale Boggs.

  7. Sorry, Boggs was a Representative, not a senator. But he was a house leader and quite important.

  8. grannyeagle,

    Hale Boggs was one of those Southern Congressmen of the Foghorn Leghorn (cartoon rooster) type: “Son, Ah say, son….” Not as bad as a Strom Thurmond, but a bag of hot air all the same. He died in office, I believe in a plane crash. His widow, Lindy, took his Congressional seat for a while. I recall hearing, during Katrina, that she was all safe and snug in her townhouse in the wealthy (i.e., white) part of New Orleans.

    The real heel is Cokie’s brother, Tommy Boggs, lobbyist and crook extraordinaire, not that he’s more of a fraud than Cokie.

  9. Cokie needs to catch up on her re-runs of the old “I Love Lucy” show. Vacationing in Hawaii has been part of the American mainstream for over 50 years now…

    3/22/54: “Ricky’s Hawaiian Vacation”
    I Love Lucy Episode 88 – Filmed 2/11/54
    Story: Ricky’s band gets an offer to play in Hawaii. Lucy goes on a TV game show to try to raise enough money so she and Mertzes can go along.

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