5 thoughts on “Neocon Dream Come True

  1. …the Neocons, as well as the rest of the right, have been at loose ends since the Soviet Union fell apart. They’ve long hungered for that essential ‘bad guy’ that they can’t for some reason live without and nursed a certain disgruntlement toward Chimpy over his peering into the soul of Vladdy Putin; the guy was a friggin’ KGB agent, fer Gawd’s sakes. Now the bloom is off the rose in that little relationship and they can get more serious about rattling those sabres at a worthy long-term enemy. I’m not sure they want war so much, though, as they want all that threat, intrigue, and tension that seemed to give their lives meaning back in the good ol’ days…

  2. Kristol is too much. A good rule of thumb to remember is that when somebody tells you that you “owe” a debt of obligation — like we owe Georgia for their joining in Bush’s Iraqi debacle — they are engaging in a technique of abusive behavior. They are trying to impose guilt as a means to make you conform to their desires. In other words..always know that when someone tells you that you owe them, they are putting shit on you that’s not yours to wear. And they are not capable of honest dialog.

  3. Saddle up cowboy…..
    Air drop Kristol into any of the following: Iraq, Iran, Georgia, The everglades, Mt Pele.
    What a dick……..

  4. You know how the neocons are always going on about privatizing stuff? Well, if they want to go to Georgia so badly, they should organize a brigade, just as leftists did for the Spanish Civil War. They can certainly afford uniforms and ammunition. Think of the camaraderie! And they wouldn’t be a drain on the VA, because they’re funding their own medical care and retirements out of the Wingnut Welfare. Win-win all around.

    –In fact, I’d insist that the 101st Fighting Keyboarders go with them, to write songs and propagandize.

    The Ronald Reagan Brigade. An idea whose time has come.

    (I don’t have to insert the satire disclaimer here, do I?)

  5. D. that’s a very good idea. Of course, they won’t do it. But it is exactly what’s called for.

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