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  1. I am not a professional, but this has been going on for a while. If anyone asks him something that isn’t on a talking point, he answers with a talking point. One evening on CNN they showed someone asking McCain a specific question and then moved on to something else. In the next segment, the personality said “I wonder what the answer was”. After the next commercial Blitzer came back saying he didn’t answer it. They showed his response and he didn’t address the question, he just spewed out a talking point.

    the same stuff we have heard for 8 years……talking points
    Ya think cheney will be his VP?

  2. No..just a normal cantankerous old man. Possible low cabin pressure at altitudes above 26,000 feet might account for some increased aggravation, or exacerbation of an existing personality deficit, but given his age…most likely he’s just a tired old man.

  3. Senile? bad link.

    The problem for the neoconsuperfratboys is that they got nothing. Nothing but old slogans that the straight talk express adopted recently but can’t seem to sell today. Bill Richardson had the best line “McCain most likely paid hundreds for his shoes (multi habitatness)” But if we let him, we will pay dearly for his flip-flops.

  4. What happened to foucus on the family’s prayer? The prayer that the LAST convention night would be marred by ma-nature. Those small motherfuckers. He asked with all of his ignorance for a cat and dog Rain Out. A real soul soaker. He got a picture perfect blue sky, with a favorable breeze ( and regular folk basking in the red-white-blue). And clear skys in line for the Twin City’s. Unless huricane starts to blow, and we must call Cindy back from Georgia?

    Listen to some music now.

  5. Tire? Senile? or…. Drunk? Maybe he shouldn’t have invited reporters up to talk to him after having well deserved cocktail.

  6. That was……interesting. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. What strikes me as significant is McCain’s nasty responses to what some would consider softball questions. For example: “could you give us your definition of honor”? That was a golden opportunity for McCain to discuss at length his honor system. However, his response is terse and indicates a strong desire to leave that topic. This type of response is unusual and leads me to think one of two things: McCain is sure that this question will lead to an attack, or he is uncomfortable with a personal betrayal to his beliefs about honor. Or both.

    The senility point aside, I think this points more to someone who is uncomfortable with people asking him about his honor system (though he may be senile: Lord knows I’m not a doctor).

  7. FOF prayed and asked for rain; they got their answer — NO. Unfortunately they won’t recognize the Goddess speaking.

  8. Hmmm… I think your partisan bias is in play here. There’s no sign of senility in the transcript you linked to as far as I can ascertain.

    I’d like Obama to win the election, and think he will, but as an independent who can’t even vote in the US elections I’d like to say that there’s no need to character assassinate McCain; the policy distinctions are more than sufficient for this campaign. Making it personal adds little of value, and serves to widen the chasm between the two sides which may not be quite as insurmountable as it may feel, especially if you judge the real people in the electorate instead of the awful presentation (of both sides) in the US media. Ugh.

    I personally think McCain may be the best candidate the Republican party has fielded in quite some time, possibly in my lifetime. Of course, I wish McCain 2000 could be running instead of McCain 2008, but sometimes it’s easier to be appealing to your political opponents when you have no hope of getting into office. 😉

    But either way, I’d still rather see Obama representing my wife’s nation in the world. Just having a candidate for whom diplomacy is taken seriously gives me a cautious optimism about the future. Iran has to be more than a scapegoat if the situation in the Middle East is to improve.

    But now I’m rambling! 🙂

    Thanks for the coverage of the Democratic Convention – much appreciated. Now I’m back on the other side of the Atlantic the US political info is harder to come by. Can’t wait for the Veep announcements!

    Best wishes!

  9. I feel sure McCain is being coached and that he is unable to respond to something that is not on the list of talking points. Not unlike Bush, but possibly even more unconnected.

  10. most likely he’s just a tired old man.

    Could be, but this really wasn’t an isolated incident. He doesn’t seem as mentally sharp as he was eight years ago. Senility is not inevitable; I am acquainted with a 90+-year-old who hasn’t dropped a single stitch, as far as I can tell. I suspect McCain is suffering from some kind of dementia, and if so, he shouldn’t be running for president.

  11. There’s no sign of senility in the transcript you linked to as far as I can ascertain.

    I didn’t link to a “transcript.” My concern is that he’s changed, and the way he’s changed reminds me of what my mother went through in the very early stages of Alzheimer’s. If you haven’t spend time with people going through this, you probably wouldn’t recognize it. People don’t wake up one day with their brains gone. It’s very gradual, and people going through very early Alzheimer’s tend to get cranky and frustrated in situations that would have been easy for them before.

  12. I read that interview on dKos yesterday, andhalf suspected it was snark. But no.

    I don’t know what Chris, above, considers “partisan bias,” but any presidential candidate who gives those bizarre answers to a reporter’s questions (never mind a candidate who bills himself as a “straight talker”) is begging to be slammed. McCain’s responses clearly cross the line into political insanity. He exhibited the behavior of the fringiest of fringe-party nuts.

    I do agree with one thing: best Republican candidate in a long time. Which isn’t a compliment, not by a long shot.

  13. McCain just picked SARAH PALIN as his VP.

    I hear she has some ethics problems. Otherwise, she’s a nonentity.

    Also, there’s a rumor on dKos that the GOP may postpone the start of their convention because of concerns over Hurricane Gustav. (What… it’s headed straight for the homes of voting Republicans?)

    Yep, McCain is screwed and he knows it.

  14. I’ve said it elsewhere that McCain reminds me more and more of Bush. They have similar backgrounds: singularly successful fathers who were seldom home and even when home paid little or no attention to their sons; as young men their behavior was out of control; they were successful not on their own merit but by reason of who their fathers were; they both have tantrums out of which come very rash decisions, for which they are never able to take responsibility.

    Reading that magazine piece, it was clear to me that it could have just as well been an interview with Bush. McCains ‘answers’ were eerily similar to ones Bush would have given.

  15. I should have mentioned that both men are fixated on attaining personal power. (Remember that early on in Bush’s first term when being interviewed in the Oval Office by a reporter, Bush stopped the interview, summoned a servant and asked for a glass of water, which was delivered a nano-second later. After the servant left, Bush turned to the reporter and said, “Now, that’s power.”)


  16. And now what better proof of the Bush McCain match up than – remember Harriet Miers, Bush’s unfathomable appointment to the Court of Supreme Numbskulls? Am I surprised that McCain named Palin to a position that just may end up seating her in the Oval Orifice?

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