McCain Can’t See Spain From His House

Somebody pass this on to John McCain —

McCain confuses Spain with Mexico and seems to think the prime minister of Spain is a Latin American guerrilla. Early stage Alzheimer’s, I’m sayin’.

Or, McCain in Spain has fuzzies in the brain.

Update: Several hours behind the blogs, the professional press catches up.

Time, “The Pain in Spain Falls Mainly on McCain

Washington Post, The Trail, “McCain Slights Spanish Prime Minister” Boring head.

The Guardian, Thursday memo: Barack’s back (Subhead: McCain’s Spain brain-pain)

8 thoughts on “McCain Can’t See Spain From His House

  1. I’d say he was up an ecologically unsuitable estuary without a feasible mode of locomotion for return….huh?…oh you know, up s*** creek without a paddle.

  2. I think he’s in the late stages of “getting through life on a smile and a shoeshine.” Apart from his prison years, when he summoned up “McNasty” to survive, he was always that guy — he didn’t have to try hard. He’s always thought he could coast.

    When the interview presses him and specifies “Europe” and “Spain,” he might not be able to understand her accent. But still, there isn’t anything on his mental hard drive that makes him think, “Oh — Zapatero! In Spain!”

    And just like Palin when asked about the Bush Doctrine, he doesn’t make an informed request for clarification.

  3. Well, maybe — but I think the new hostility to the press is a big act. I think Steve Schmidt made a calculation that it would be good for McCain to run againt the media as part of the DFH/elite/liberal/Democrat axis of evil. I could be wrong, though….

  4. McCain’s hostility is no act. He’s genuinely a nasty cantankerous old man. When you can publicly berate your wife in the vilest words that you can muster…you have to know that you’re harboring an intense hostility, and any person with an iota of introspection would realize that they need emotional counseling or a crash course in anger management. They don’t call McCain McNasty for no reason. McCain’s history of hostility precludes the possibility of an act.

  5. I am fairly certain that McCain doesn’t always listen to the questions asked of him. Besides the questions on Spain, another example of this tendancy is the question from the women, with whom McCain agreed, who felt we needed to institute the draft.

    It could work out poorly if we elect a president who feels free to answer questions he has not listened to. We may end up longing for the good old days when Bush the younger was president.

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