The Right Hates America

Sarah Palin thinks some parts of America are not the “real” America. A McCain staffer says northern Virginia is not “real” Virginia. I’m sure that’s going to go over well with northern Virginia voters. See also Marc Ambinder, “McCain’s Cosmological Breakthrough: Unreality Is Expanding.” Hysterical.

John McCain thinks tax cuts for the middle class amount to “welfare.” A congresswoman thinks Americans are sending un-Americans to Congress.

In St. Louis, 100,000 people show up for an Obama rally, and a rightie blogger writes,

100,000 IS A LOT OF DUPES.



So all those decent, hard-working citizens of St. Louis who came out today, hoisting their kids on their shoulders to see the candidate, are “hordes of morons.” The Right spits on you, St. Louis.

However, I disagree with Ambinder. I don’t think unreality is expanding. I think the Right’s fantasy world is imploding. They aren’t used to having to deal with the real world. No wonder they’re confused.

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  1. Is it me? Maybe I’m just looking for Jesus in the spaghetti or faces in the clouds, but what I’m hearing Pfotenhauer saying is that the real Virginia is racist, and Obama isn’t going to carry the state. Why would she make the statement that the real Virginia is “more southern” if it wasn’t in relation to Virginia’s participation in the confederacy during the Civil War? Not to mention Virginia’s history of discrimination, segregation, and Jim Crow laws.

  2. It will be interesting to see what goes down on election day. Call me crazy but I won’t believe it ’till I see it. Dear God I hope for logic to win out this time.

  3. Barack Hussein Obama just got the Orlando Sentinel endorsement.
    They endorsed McCain several weeks ago, but have swiched to Obama because of McCain’s shifting ideas and the selection of Sarah Palin as VP.
    The Sentinel highlighted Obama’s unflappable personality and oratory skills along with his stated desire to speak with our enemies.

    Central Florida, Seminole and Orange Counties in particular have been solidly Republican. This is a tectonic shift.

    I can’t provide a link just yet, but I read it in the paper moments ago.
    What great news to wake up to this morn.Logic may indeed win this time!

  4. IMO repugs have an edge in Virginia because they have ALWAYS been active using dirty politics. When Virginia voted in Kaine a few years ago, the first thing the repug run capitol did was hand him a bill that he signed that had a bomb buried in it. The bill had any traffic ticket to a Virginia citizen triple what the out of state person would pay. It was later ruled unconstitutional, but anyone who doesn’t follow politics closely and voted for Kaine, will not do it again and probably won’t vote democratic again. Kaine didn’t know they had put it in there. He didn’t read the bill before signing it. They did that back in the 70s too. I don’t remember what it was, but someone had told me to watch what happens when a dem was elected, and sure enough it was the same type of thing. The repug smuggly said, they always do that.

    I can also say (raised in Richmond and living in Northern Virginia), it is true that northern VA is considered a bit different than the rest of Virginia. Not that it is not true Virginia, it certainly is, but it is the only place in Virginia that I have heard people laughing at our lovely southern drawl. When someone said something about my accent recently I replied, if you think my accent is funny, you need to move, it is the native dialect. OOps! Forgot that southern hospitality for a minute. It is the place most Virginians see as taking much of the transportation money. It has people from all over the world and most places in Virginia have generations of families in the same area.

    I have so much hope for Obama. I did have a reality check recently when I went to Richmond and saw the Obama/McPain cup count at the 7/11. It was scary.

  5. This and the Bachmann comments show what the Republican party has become. I truly fear what is going to happen with an Obama Presidency. The right will become even more unhinged than they already are. The country is in shambles and Obama will be expected to fix the awesome mess that W and the fascists have wrought. When that doesn’t happen as quickly as people think it should, as in my home value should spike right after the election, people will blame the Dems and with the smear of all smear campaigns (propaganda) win in 2012. That’s when the trials start. I think I’ll go and exercise my 2nd Amendment rights.

  6. buckyblue, I agree. If Obama wins, I am afraid he will only have a two year window of opportunity. After that, the repugs will be yelling about the mess they created and blaming it on Obama.

    He really IS going to have to be Superman to handle this mess in 2 years.

  7. I agree with #5&6. We are begining to get the “feeder bands” of the approaching financial hurricane. The storm will be a doozie, you betcha…..wink.

  8. Gee, now that Colin Powell has endorsed Obama in no uncertain terms, will the Palin/McCain crowds start yelling the N-word, “traitor,” and “terrorist” at the mention of his name?

    I think another “You betcha” and [wink] is the correct answer.

  9. I’m horrified by this and fear that it’s only going to get worse in the next two weeks. Someone tell me I’m wrong??

  10. To the people who are concerned about how the GOP will behave-I agree. I think the GOP won’t cooperate, but they’ll blame the Democrats for a problem the GOP caused. I am concerned also about idiots like the one who hung the Obama effigy in his tree, and I think the GOP is encouraging this sort of thing.

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