How Republicans View Women

Example: Robert Stacy McCain explains why women shouldn’t use contraceptives. We’re supposed to be out dropping calves, you know.

I’ve written this before, but here it is again —

Tons of data collected around the world over many years reveal that there is one sure way to reduce abortion — increase the use of contraception. From Alan Guttmacher:

Publicly funded family planning clinic services already enable U.S. women to prevent 1.4 million unintended pregnancies each year, an estimated 600,000 of which would end in abortion. Without these services, the annual number of unintended pregnancies and abortions would be nearly 50% higher. Among many other benefits, family planning clinic services also save $4.3 billion in public funds each year.

[Update: See also “Contraceptive Use Is Key to Reducing Abortion Worldwide“]

The irony is that Planned Parenthood may very well prevent more abortions than all of the anti-choice organizations combined.

These are what those of us in reality land call “facts.” R.S. McCain thinks facts are “silly.” I have a word to describe R.S. McCain, but I’m going to refrain from using it.

7 thoughts on “How Republicans View Women

  1. I thought about trying to leave RSM a comment, but such mind numbing dumbness is not worth the energy. “Every sperm is sacred…” What a goofy argument: contraceptives cause abortion.

  2. RSM is accusing me of being “one of those ‘women’s rights women.'” I’ve, um, been called worse. I have no idea what he means by that, since the link he includes is broken.

  3. RSM is a sick pup. One positive aspect of reading his nonsense is that when I feel nature has shortchanged me in the intellect department I can sense my abundance.


  4. Robert Stacy McCain is a neo-Confederate, white supremacist wingnut who wants more white babies and fewer people of color. He would never admit it, but if you look around at the history of his political associations, it becomes rather obvious with whom he agrees.

  5. I was in a pretty good mood until I read the tripe that McCain wrote. And by “wrote”, I mean crap falling out of his head.

    I don’t get people like him. I will never understand anyone’s disdain for contraception nor their contempt for sex outside of marriage. And the last comment that it’s unnatural to postpone marriage to the age of, gasp! 27! That gets a big “huh?” from me.

    There are some genuine nutjobs out there, and McCain is easily at the front of the line.

  6. The thing is, our species has managed to craft a way of life that is utterly unnatural, especially when it comes to raising children. Single-family dwellings in suburbia, for example, are unnatural. (I didn’t appreciate that until I had my first baby and was a stay-at-home mom.) Making a living by holding “jobs” rather than by hunting and nut-gathering is unnatural. For most women, coping with modern life and civilization requires limiting how many children we have. You can’t hold one part of the population to a pre-industrial age standard and expect it to function in a post-industrial age civilization.

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