Why I’m Glad I’m Not Married

… or, at least, why I’m glad I’m not married to Dennis Prager. Can we say, “bleeping insensitive clod”? I think so.

For the dim, e.g., righties: At no point does Mr. Prager even consider talking to the Mrs. about why she’s not “in the mood” or wonder if there’s something he’s doing to kill “the mood.” Apparently he thinks being “not in the mood” is just a female thing. Well, in his case, I suspect it would be a female thing. Or a human thing, for that matter.

Is there a Mrs. Prager? Call me, girl. We’ll talk. No woman should have to live with a creep like that. Believe me, if you’re not in the mood a lot, I can certainly see why.

Update: According to a couple of other bloggers, Prager is divorced. Do tell.

Update: More right-wing creepiness. Forcing underage girls as young as 12 to marry older men ain’t no big deal, this guy says. He probably wants to know how to sign up for the cult.

18 thoughts on “Why I’m Glad I’m Not Married

  1. Tool, indeed. As in the only organ that guy uses for “thinking.”

    Never mind that he has the punctuation skills of a failing fourth grader (housekeeping being a woman’s job, after all); I love how he capitalized “He,” referencing the theoretical assclown husband as if he’s a deity. Freudian sloppiness?

    The good news: I’m pretty sure every man of my acquaintance would read that post and also think the author is a creep.

  2. What does Prager know? I’m one of those guys who enjoys begging for sex.. “aw,come on!..pretty please, honey” After 33 years of honing my begging for sexual favors skills I welcome as a challenge the times she’s not in the mood.

    Prager is one of those radio airbags —like Rush— who constantly runs their mouth and never engages their brain. They know every thing, but know nothing. Just paid to generate non stop stupidity.

  3. I’m going to stay riveted to my monitor in anticipation of part 2. Hopefully Prager will dispense some of his manly advice to us guys who can’t put it all together. Maybe he’ll bestow upon us some insight from his vast store of knowledge in regard to coping with the morning woody.

  4. Prager is one of those radio airbags —like Rush— who constantly runs their mouth and never engages their brain.

    Thanks for that, Swami. I honestly had no idea who the sorry fool was.

    Sounds like maybe he should hook up with Rush & his Amazing Pharmaceutical Booster Pills, and they can tour the ho’ houses of the Dominican together.

    Yes, I shuddered as I typed that.

  5. Eeewwww! I made the mistake of following the link and reading a few paragraphs, and when I was finally convinced it wasn’t some kind of satire about troglodyte Republicans it was too late. I did manage to choke down the vomit, but I still need to spend time washing. I feel unclean for sharing a gender with that … thing.

    How sad for anyone trying to have a relationship with him; imagine caring for a person who cannot absorb or comprehend love except in the form of carnal submission, and who imagines that all men share this same emotional crippling. It’s tragic, and pathetic.

  6. I love how Prager thinks he can give reams of advice although he’s divorced. Truly the po-mo pundit who has a soapbox, and lots of stuff to say, although the content is worth less than nothing. Sad thing, is he has a following and imitators.

    This is much more uplifting. Apparently the guy who made the shoes thrown at Bush has orders coming in from everywhere.

  7. So what? This is simple evolutionary biology you should have learned in high school. Sex is a woman´s way to pay for protection and provision – for herself and the brood. (put bluntly, they´re all prostitutes – it´s in their genes ;b)
    OK, comrade Prager could have dwelt a little less on how men feel, though he isn´t so far off. In my language, we have some rather unflattering terms for men who “feel” or beg, and they do not get over well with women either. What´s to be won with having a softie if you then have to fly to Jamaica to get satisfaction? He will fly to Bangkok; and everybody loses.
    There have been times when I was tired or drunk but the dame was very convincing; there have also been times when I absolutely didn´t want to but saluted nonetheless. To the biologist, it´s a simple bonding ritual, much like flowers or chocolate, and a conditio sine qua non. Prager´s points on men are trivial enough, I need not discuss them.

    If the lady doth refuse too much, she not only doesn´t love you, she also wants to play power. In which case, dump the slut.

    Ladies … not only is this obsession with “how YOU feel (to the exclusion of everybody else)” infantile, you also shoot yourself in the clit with it.

  8. With this mans attitude, I am going to go out on a limb and guess that a lot of typing isn’t the only thing this guy spends a LOT of time doing with his hands.He is the poster child for adult toys…Got this?(show authors photo here): Then you need this(show adult toy here)..

    I am sure this man assumes his wife didn’t want any…he doesn’t get that she DID want some from a MAN…so she hit the pool boy a dozen or so times before he got home..and with all of his whining like a bitch HE makes himself less of a man

    This sounds like a warning to all us women that we better fall into line or else!!!!!!!Or else what? You will leave us for a tramp willing to put out to men on demand? Good luck with that STD pal! You won’t pay our rent? Wait, we have jobs and we don’t need you for that…oops……hmmmmm remind me again what we need men for? It seems to me men are the ones who need the warning….WE TAKE AT LEAST HALF WHEN WE LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!So the ex can think about all this while he writes a big fat check …and if the gal is smart she will use it to go get a boy toy for all the sex she wants, but didn’t want from her wimpy ex husband….Why does a divorce cost so much?Because it is worth it.

  9. nokangaroos,

    Yes, it is evolutionary biology, but not in the way you think. Jerks don’t get as much as real men; hence, they have fewer opportunities to reproduce. Or so it goes in theory.

    What losers like you and Prager don’t get is that we ladies thoroughly enjoy the act of love and want it as much as men do when we have loving, considerate partners. Really. If that hasn’t been your experience with women in your life, WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS, YOU CREEP?

    Hint: To get at the source of YOUR PROBLEM, go look in a mirror.

    When a woman is less lusty than her partner, it may be that she’s been behaviorally conditioned to be averse to sex. That happens. But most of the time the problem is in the relationship. Couples therapy can work wonders.

  10. Following up #13 — Show me a man who thinks women don’t like sex, and I’ll show you a crappy lover. It’s that simple. Why these losers can’t figure that out is beyond me, but the fact they are that self-centered no doubt it most of the problem.

    FYI, I would love to find some sweet gray-haired fellow who likes to travel and still has some juice left. And until I find him, he’d better be getting plenty of rest and eating his Wheaties.

  11. Nonkangaroos and Prager both exhibit behavior of men that have very low self esteem and even lower IQ’s. What a couple of fucking Neanderthals. I have met women who feel much the same about sex, they are always very ignorant as well (and usually abused in one form or the other) so these are likely the women these tools are speaking about, its all they can get. It’s Ma-Natures way of isolating the dumb-fuck gene!

  12. My late wife, Sandi, and I rarely said no to sexual expression. This was because we each knew where the other was and did not try to initiate sex at an inappropriate time. We also believed the sexual relationship was too important to be taken seriously so there was a lot of laughter involved.

    FYI, Maha, I am a gray haired fellow as long as you’re talking about the beard. Hair on top departed many years ago.

  13. Jim — I’m not that picky about hair. I’m happy if a guy still has most of his own teeth. 🙂

    Now everybody knows what I really want for Christmas. Well, maybe next year. :-\

  14. nokangaroos, somewhere there’s a Darwin Award with your name on it.

    Jim in Raleigh, thanks for this:

    We also believed the sexual relationship was too important to be taken seriously so there was a lot of laughter involved.

    Wonderful! Real men aren’t angry and derisive.

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