Going … Going …

I’m kind of swamped this morning. Here are some suggested topics for discussion among yourselves:

Is there a bigger ass in the world than Joe the Plumber?

If there is a bigger ass in the world than Joe the Plumber, might it be Sarah Palin?

Nice Harold Meyerson column on bailing out banks.

Goats burn down home, cat missing. What did the goats have against the cat?

19 thoughts on “Going … Going …

  1. I can’t remember it so I’m making it up – You can fool some of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time was certainly uttered by some ancient not privy to the recent Great American Bank-bailout.

    Meyerson was too polite.

  2. Joe the Plumber is a big ass, alright. Every time he opens his mouth he proves just how big an ass he is. Sarah, now she’s a little different. She’s an idiot.

  3. “Is there a bigger ass in the world than Joe the Plumber?

    If there is a bigger ass in the world than Joe the Plumber, might it be Sarah Palin?”

    I think there is a bigger ass in the world then either of them, and it’s the man who gave us both: Johnny “I don’t want to mention that I was a POW, but have I mentioned that I was held captive in Vietnam for years” McCain.

  4. Let’s see – goats start fire. Cat warns owner of the fire.
    Question? Who told the cat? That’s ‘paws’ for thought…
    Why is the cat missing? After warning the owner, who didn’t think to save the cat, he probably said, “The Hell with this group,” and made a feline outta there…
    But in truth, we’ll probably not know the end of this tail.
    OK. Enough bad puns. back to the news…

    And maha, and everyone, Happy New Year’s Day!!! It’s the Russian Orthodox new year today. Not that I’m a great believer – it was just an excuse to have some champagne last night. Hick! 🙂

  5. moonbat,
    How sad. A wonderful actor.
    I loved “The Prisoner.” It should be required viewing for everyone, particularly those in the CIA and NSA.
    When I’m on the phone with childhood friends of mine who also watched, we end every call with, “Be seeing you.” To which, I’m sure you know, the proper response is, “And you.”
    Sadly, we won’t be seeing “Number 6” again…

  6. Maha, you’ve been to Wales – ever think of going to Portmeiron (site of the Village)? It’s on my list should I ever get to the UK.

    cu – I grew up Russian Orthodox. We celebrated Jan 7, but mostly let New Year’s slip by. It was weird enough having two Christmasses to deal with.

  7. maha, nice!
    Wait! About the cat. I figured it out – he had an escape claws.
    Ba da bing!
    I’m here all of this week, show’s at 8 and 11. Don’t bring the kids to the 11 o’clock show. Oh, and don’t forget to tip the wait staff and bartender’s.

  8. moonbat,
    Any excuse to have champagne in the middle of January during a Depression is good enough for me!
    Hell, any Satanic holiday’s coming up? We can bring pictures of Bush to the coven to curse – while drinking champagne! 🙂

  9. Wait! About the cat. I figured it out – he had an escape claws.

    BWAH ha ha!!

    And then all sad to hear about Patrick McGoohan. He starred in my favorite childhood movie, about a little Scottish girl and her (non-arsonist) cat (but it did have amnesia), The Three Lives of Thomasina.

    NPR reported this evening that Ricardo Montalban also died, age 88. Hmm… don’t these deaths come in threes? Anyone checked on Angela Lansbury lately?

  10. cu – well, I’m planning a Bush bonfire for Jan 20. Gonna have some fine French wine to help me shake my fist at the wingnuts. My brother and co-conspirator christened the event “Out with the durak, in with Barack”. (Durak is Russian for “idiot”).

    I well remember “The Three Lives of Thomasina”.

  11. moonbat,
    I like that. I speak Russian fluently. Another word for idiot is bolvan. Here’s a phrase heard often in my parent’s house. “Shto tam bolvan skozal?” What did the idiot say?
    5 days…

  12. “No one could have predicted that a herd of goats would knock over the space heater and set the straw on fire.”

    One other classic “Joe the Plumber” remark concerns how he preferred the coverage during WWI and WWII, with the upbeat newreels, etc. I have to say he certainly is well preserved for someone that old. I hope Willard Scott knows when his birthday is.

  13. with the upbeat newreels, etc.

    They were brilliant with the upbeat newsreels in the Third Reich, also. Maybe that’s what Joe was referring to.

    I’m not quite old enough to remember World War II, but I’ve seen a lot of the news coverage that was done. Some of those war correspondents were great writers, and they weren’t always upbeat.

    And then there was Willie and Joe. These were cartoons published during the war that were very popular and hardly upbeat. In fact, this one (which won Bill Mauldin a Pulitzer in 1945) makes fun of the upbeat.

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