Fine Moral Example

Earlier this week I explained right-wing morality: “In other words, whether an action is moral or not is not determined by what is done, but by who is doing it.”

Here’s a nice example — when done by an illegal immigrant, sexual exploitation of a girl is an outrage. But sexual exploitation of girls by native-born Americans is perfectly OK.

1 thought on “Fine Moral Example

  1. I think you’re being unfair here in your assessment of right-wing moralilty. While it’s generally the case that those with conservative morals have a stronger sense of the importance of what you might call tribal identities, and this can certainly skew judgement, that this is an observable trend is a long way shy of “explaining right-wing morality”. At best, it’s a “common trait of right-wing morality”.

    Just trying to keep you honest, Maha. 🙂

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