Lèse Majesté

What is it with “movement conservatives” and blowhard narcissists who present themselves as “leaders”? Although some deny it now, for a while the lot of them were ready to follow George W. Bush off a cliff. And now they’re following Rush Limbaugh off a cliff. Not that I mind, but it is a remarkable phenomenon, is it not?

And what about the Michael Steele-Rush Limbaugh flap? Oh, how I wish Steve Gilliard were here to comment. I can just imagine what he’d be saying now. You were right, Steve.

If you missed it, yesterday morning the big news was that RNC Chair Michael Steele had spoken against El Rushbo. On CNN, Steele called Limbaugh’s style “incendiary” and “ugly.” Limbaugh is a mere entertainer, said Steele.

And, of course, as with so many others who dared speak against the Big Fat Mouth, within hours Michael Steele was crawling to kiss the feet of his King. Michael Steele may have been elected RNC chair, but we know “movement conservatives” are not about to allow Steele to be any kind of leader.

And of course the Right, which sided with Rush nearly unanimously, told Michael Steele in so many words to stay in his place.

And if any wingnuts stalwart movement conservatives happen to drop by, let me say that I encourage you to stay the course and follow Rush into the wilderness to glorious victory.

The White House and the Democratic Party are only too happy to celebrate Rush’s rise to power. They see Rush as key to the future of movement conservatism — as an ever shrinking and increasingly irrelevant political fringe.