12 thoughts on “Stand by Me

  1. Hopefully, the corrupt, lying, socialist, douche bag, Obama gets the message that we don’t want the kind of change he is now forcing on the people. He lied to us. Obama makes W. look like the most honest man in the world. I guess when you think about it, if you compare Obama to Bush, W. is way, way, way more honest than the corrupt, lying, socialist, douche bag, Obama.

  2. I remember hearing this video on Bill Moyers Journal a while back. I wanted to rush and get the song, but was not available then. So I just kept the podcast… too bad there was voiceover from Moyers at the beginning.

    It was amazing hearing it for the first time over the (audio) podcast. The music alone was great.

  3. P.S. Just listened to it again (via the link)… it still gives me goosebumps. Anybody know how to rip the audio from a SWF file 🙁

  4. Fandl, dear, you do realize (I hope) that the enormous majority of Americans approve of President Obama and that the people who showed up for the “tea parties” are stupid jerks being manipulated by a right-wing cabal?

    You are banned, btw. I allow only intelligent people to comment here.

  5. “FandL” (Fanatical and Lying, obvs) keeps posting the same two non-thoughts over and over. I believe the term for that creep is “hate bot.”

  6. Thank you, thank you, Maha. It was the perfect antidote to reading about all the spew from the Tea Partiers and FandL’s friends. I might have to watch that every morning, just to help me start the day off right.

  7. What a beautiful way to start the day. Nice counterpoint to the likes of FandL. Makes me realize “we surround them”. I’ll look for Roger Ridley down at 3rd St Promenade (Santa Monica) next time I’m there. I wonder how “they” produced this amazing video.

  8. I’ve been waiting for that DVD (Playing for Change) to be available since I first heard/saw it on Bill Moyer’s Journal some months ago now, and I think it’s finally due out in the next couple of weeks. It was great to see and hear it again, thanks for the link.

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