Another Shooting

This time it’s at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. The first news reports say no one was killed, but three people (including the suspected shooter) are being treated for gunshot wounds. The suspect is an 88-year-old man named James von Brunn who has a record of white supremacist writing.

I’m hearing from MSNBC that a police officer was killed. Terribly sad.

Update: OK, this is weird. You might remember that the DHS report said right-wing groups would likely try to recruit military veterans because of their military experience. The report also said “those with military backgrounds constitute a small percentage of white supremacist extremists.” However, the small number of military veterans who do get mixed up in extremist organizations tend to be among the more dangerous members, which makes it advisable to keep an eye on the small number of military veterans who do get mixed up in extremist organizations. Right-wing pot-stirrers willfully misread the report to mean that all returning veterans constitute a threat to national security and had to be watched, which is not at all what it said. Dave Neiwert explains.

According to this right-wing blogger, Fox News is going on and on about how the shooting vindicates the DHS because the accused shooter is a veteran. He’s a World War II veteran, for bleep’s sake. This is, like, wrong twice. Yeah it vindicates the DHS report, but not because of the shooter’s veteran status.

Debbie Schlussel is blaming Muslims and 9/11 truthers for today’s shooting. I’m serious. Pardon me if I don’t give her a link.

Update: Malkin is saying the shooter was neither right nor left, just loony. See Dave Neiwert for rebuttal.

19 thoughts on “Another Shooting

  1. Just saw that on CNN’s site. I had to take off the old bifocals and give them a wipe, because I thought I had to be misreading the shooter’s age.

    Gee, I guess the DHS wasn’t so “biased” after all, in assessing the threat of right-wing violence.

  2. Gee, I guess the DHS wasn’t so “biased” after all, in assessing the threat of right-wing violence.

    The facts continue to have a liberal bias.

  3. (PS- does anyone know how to get rid of the little rage face assigned to me on this blog? I admit that sometimes it’s appropriate to my mood, but it is a little disconcerting to always see it next to my name)

  4. 88 to 89 years-old! There is no age limit, high or low, for evil.
    Welcome to the beginning of my nightmare. The 21st Century Civil War.
    We had better win. The alternative will be a new Middle Ages.

  5. If you’re a rightie, keep repeating to yourself:

    This is not terrorism
    This is not terrorism
    This is not terrorism
    ….ad nauseum

    It’s only terrorism if left-wingers or Muslims do it.

    Now doesn’t that make you feel better?

  6. gypsy — I don’t know how to assign a different face to you, but if you go to and follow the directions, you can give yourself any face you want. Virtually, anyway.

  7. Gypsy, let’s see if we can make Ragey McUnibrow go away. You need to use this link to set up an account at

    It asks your email address, but I’ve never gotten spam from them since signing up.

    Once you’re signed up, follow the site instructions to link to an existing .jpg file (photo) on your computer. If you don’t have any photos of pets, children, yourself, vacation spots, etc. that you want replacing Ragey, you can search the Web for something suitable. I first started with a cartoon character, but changed my mind and opted for the Japanese Bridge at Huntington Gardens. (Like anyone’s been wondering!)

    When I changed my “gravatar,” it took a couple of days for the change to appear. Let us know if you need more info.

  8. OMG!!! CNN is actually spending the whole 6 o’clock hour covering this incident. It’s like they’re actually acknowledging that another right-wing nut has become untethered.
    FOX, no suprise, is not – they’ve spent part of their last hour on, SURPRISE! – Sotomayor.
    Wake me up when a “Liberal” or “Progressive” kills a bunch of people. I’ll sleep like Rip Van Winkle. Not that we’re all great innocent’s, but we’re not actively out there writing and then acting out against out perceived enemies.
    As of 6:40, FOX is now going on about giving detainees their Miranda right’s in Afghanistan. JESUS, rightt’s for the accused, how DARE WE DO THAT?
    At 6:50, they’re covering the all imortant issue of caps on Wall Street pay. They wouldn’t know a news story if it bit Murdoch on his raisonette-like nut.
    OK, watching FOX could cause me to do something radical. Like write a Congressional representative, or sign a petition – IN THICK RED INK!!!!!!!!

  9. uncledad,
    Of course it’s all the fault of Liberal’s and Jew’s.
    It’s not the fact that this guy was an evil right-wing nut (Uhm, Glenn, look in the mirror lately? Or, are you just in it for the money?).
    It was our fault for bringing out this side of him. Without us, he would have become a white Martin Luther King (the key word there is WHITE!!!).

  10. I don’t see this incident as reinforcing any specific item in the DHS report. What I do remember is how the Right howled and howled about the report’s warnings of right-wing violence, when the Left was silent about warnings of left-wing violence.

    Fact: today’s shooting was right-wing violence. The shooter was a white supremacist, and he shot and killed people. Right wing. Violence. Fact: it’s just the latest in what’s now a long string of such incidents since the election last November. So… fact: there is a clear, ongoing threat of deadly violence from right-wing extremists. As Gypsy says (borrowing I think from Stephen Colbert), “The facts have a liberal bias.” The Righties need to stop whining put their own house in order, if they want to remain Americans. Or, they and their guns can all move to Texas, and secede.

    Now, on the other hand, I got a spam email from the lefty org CREDO mere minutes after the poor security guard breathed his last, exhorting me to give them money because of this latest murder. I have no use for ghouls. Spam ==> recycle bin.

  11. CNN (Campbell Brown) is asking, taking into consideration the Tilman murder, ‘Is hate crime – domestic terrorism on the rise?” You GO, girl! Ask the question! That’s journalism!

  12. joanr16 … A while back I ran across a picture on Flickr that was identical to the picture of your gravatar. So I knew what it was. I was going to post a link to show you that I found your gravatar on the net, but I had second thoughts that I might be perceived as some sort of online stalker type, so I didn’t post the link.. In answer to your statement…Initially I did wonder what your gravatar was.

  13. Look, throw whatever label on me you want, but I am not buying for a second that people such as beck don’t KNOW damn good and well what they are doing and they intend to inflame nut cases into acting.I know from person experience there are ways to start a fight as well as ways to talk your way out of one..this is no different.

    A lot of people pooh pooh their roles in the insanity that follows the way some bloggers did when they published the home addresses of private citizens on their sites…or when pat robertson tells his followers to pray for the passing of a supreme court justice so bush could appoint one they liked better but their intentions are clear. They step away and wait for some poor lost soul to do the dirty work.

    Everyday all day talk radio and faux news type outfits whip these people into a frenzy…insannity tells his followers we are in our last days…(but buy tickets to one of his “freedom concerts” a year in advance in case) …the talk radio crowd tells their sheeple every day that the situation is so hopeless and so desperate because of liberals that our country will not survive..they set folks up to think of it as a primal fight for survival ..Tea bagging= just a way to show their target nut jobs “others ” are behind them and share their rage and whip up more hate among those already shall we say”disturbed”.

    This is nothing I am afraid.It is only gonna get worse.These people call what they do entertainment or commentary but throwing gas upon open flames is neither.Perhaps they are entertained by the actions their words and intentions insight. It frightens me that they KNOW they have the kind of influence over such disturbed individuals but then we KNOOOW they will use it responsibly right?

    I guess I should consider the source of those who we are dealing with for the topic of this conversation. This is a group who defends water boarding as not torture( I bet their kids sleep well at night knowing water boarding COULD be on the table if the folks ever feel they are not getting the truth- after all it is not torture and if it is good enough for our troops— I am just saying) – but hey we should believe they don’t advocate a “end justifies the means” ideal.

    After a long motorcycle ride today we stopped into a small town bar about 100 miles outside Des Moines. It is a crappy little bar in a farm town in the middle of no where to get a cold drink and stretch your legs.When we pulled up there was a pick up with a confederate flag covering the back window and bush cheney stickers (yes more than one- 3 or 4 maybe? Yikes!) We walked in during the news and 3 men sitting at the bar drinking wild turkey broke it all down for all of the patrons to absorb. I learned today that some on the right believe these recent acts of violence were done by… get this!…Liberals! Yep! Ya know why? So they have ammo( no pun I am sure as these folks don’t know what a pun is) to — wait for it! — Take away their guns…then their freedoms…Yep Liberals pretending to be — well whatever it is they think they are(?) ….I am not kidding you..and let me tell you, these boys were armed..100 miles from no where in a town population 50(?) and they were ready — in case terrorists or liberals invade. ..Because this group claims Obama is gonna cut all of gitmo free in the states…and it has come to all of this because liberals were so mean to bush that he didn’t have the will to change the law so that he could stay in office and keep this country safe.The bad economic news? Well it wasn’t that way until Obama took office as far as they knew…bush inherited bad times from Clinton, fixed em all up and then Obama took office and poof, like magic times went bad…we left the bar and my boyfriend reminded me that if I didn’t close my mouth from the shock of what I had heard bugs would fly into it on the long trip home.
    So all you peace loving liberals…the jig is up…stop pretending (for decades) to be a right wing nut job when committing hate crimes… got it? Now keep that view in mind when you consider that these red neck fools where probably not even extremists (that would require leaving the bar and actual participation in some activity or planning of) That is the saner wing of the bush bat..HOLY CRAP!

  14. justme: as the kids say, “Oh noes!” I guess this means I’ll have to move the hiding place of my vast left-wing arsenal! They’re on to me!

    Swami: there’s an eerie story about that bridge, my late mother, and me. She visited Calif. before I was born, took a photo of the bridge from a certain vantage. She died of cancer when I was six. Growing up, I never saw that photo of hers. I moved to Calif. in my 20s, visited Huntington Gardens one day with friends, took a photo of that bridge. Moved back to Nebr. some years later. Going thru old family photos, found Mom’s photo and compared it to mine. The corner of a Japanese pagoda roof matched exactly– we’d stood in the very same spot to take our pictures. (Not the angle of my gravatar, though.) Crazy!

    When I saw the bridge, it was painted red, much prettier than my gravatar. I haven’t been able to find any jpegs of the red bridge.

  15. Watching and reading the punditry on this shooting, I find it fascinating how both sides right and left clamor for the approval of the Jewish community. Of course this was a horrible hate crime, but was it any more disgusting than the shooting of Dr. Tiller last week? I find Dr. Tillers shooting much more disturbing, he was shot for a reason, a specific political reason, his killing was likely carefully planned and many even in mainstream media have shown at least tacit approval for the murder. This poor man that was killed yesterday seems to me more an act of random violence, and is being rightfully denounced universally in all media, except the farthest right-wing nut job websites.

    It’s really interesting watching both sides of the political spectrum try to out do each other when it comes to the Jewish community. The Right loves to exploit the hawkish anti-muslim side that many in the Jewish community have, while the left appeals to the more socially liberal side. It’s really fascinating to watch in my opinion!

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