Fuzzy Math

I’ve been in some genuinely massive protests in New York and Washington, DC, where crowd estimates were between 200,000 and 400,000, so I know what a crowd that size looks like and how much space it fills. So I’ve looked at the photographs Malkin has on her website that allegedly shows a crowd of “up to 2 million” in Washington, DC, for the 9/12 rally. No way. It’s hard to tell from photographs, but ABCNews.com reported an approximate figure of 60,000 to 70,000 protesters, attributed to the Washington, D.C., fire department. Official estimates tend to be low, so if the teabaggers claimed 100,000 (which is very respectable, although not spectacular) I wouldn’t argue with them. But 2 million is fantasyland stuff.

See also Josh Marshall.

Update: Eyewitness account from Matt Yglesias.

8 thoughts on “Fuzzy Math

  1. They are all whining about deficit spending but I haven’t heard one word about all the money we blew in Iraq and Afghanistan. If I got it right, the whole escapade in Iraq was all on the cuff with deficit spending. It just doesn’t make sense to me to be crying about money being spent foolishly while being oblivious to the waste and squandering that has occurred before Obama ever took office.

    To my mind a person can’t be serious about addressing deficit spending without acknowledging a huge part of the cause . To me they are a bunch of clowns and half- wits who are too stupid to understand how they are being used.

    I also viewed some photos of demonstrators posted at the Huffington Post and was able to gain a better understanding of the bigger asshole theory. One bozo was dressed up like John Paul Jones…I don’t know what message he was trying to impart, but the message I got was he wanted to be a noticed clown.. an attention grabbing buffoon whose only cause is it’s all about me.

  2. What I will never understand is how these same people could suck on lies for 8 years and say yum yum, and then when someone is actually trying to do something on their behalf, they protest. It is beyond me!

  3. This Barnum and Baily show parade made no sense. It had many clowns but very little in the way of reality acts. Completely dumb spectacle. A waste of time.

  4. Its too bad there wasn’t a Bhopal-style leak of toxic gas right about the time that crowd was at it’s peak. It would have raised the collective IQ of the United States by several points. But seriously, Awami has it right – these people have no intellectual integrity unless they were protesting Bush’s unnecessary tax cuts and massive military spending (which continues today). In fact, the severe recession we are in is one of the best reasons to deficit spend.

  5. s,
    They’re stupid. They’re ignorant. They value hate and fear of others more than love for their fellow man. And what little brains they have have been washed and scrubbed clean by communications mediums that want people to be that way – all the easier for their sponsors to sell useless crap to them. And with the coming decision by the SCOTUS to allow corporate advertising during elections, there is no end in sight to what we’re seeing. It’ll only get worse.
    Don’t look for a way out. They’re closing any exits.
    See you in the nearest corporate sponsored gulag.

    I’d make that my new blog name, but it’s too damn long…

  6. I’m confused, are these the dimwitted teabaggers or are they Glen BecKKK’s 9-12 zombies?

    Where were all these schmucks when bu$hco pissed away the $850,000,000,000.00 (that’s 850 billion) surplus that Bubba left? Or when bu$hco prosecuted two wars on the national credit card? Or when the publicans past medicare part-D on the national credit card? My quess is that they couldn’t care less after all we had a white man in charge.

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  8. Two million?! That’s what Malkin said? What a fool.

    Pssst… Michele. I’ve got this pillowcase full of TWO MILLION South African krugerrands! Solid gold! Hear that? *clink clink* The current exchange rate’s 13 U.S. cents per krugerrand, that’s $260 grand American, but I’ll sell em to ya for just $200 grand! Act now, they’re going fast! *clink clink* No, sorry, can’t take a personal check…

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