It’s a Mess

There are times when messes are so messy I don’t even want to know about them. This is one of those times.

Paul Krugman: “Reform or Else.”

Karen Tumulty: “Where Did Health Care Reform Go?

In a nutshell — health reform legislation is being gutted of the most critical cost control measures by “centrist” legislators who complain the cost control measures are too costly. So the aspects of the bill that make it fiscally responsible are being removed in the name of fiscal responsibility. At the same time, Republicans who for years have badmouthed Medicare and sworn to dismantle it are scaring seniors by telling them the health care bill would ruin Medicare.

One other peeve, sorta kinda related — as you know, most of the American public is perpetually soaked in right-wing propaganda, to the point that a factual and logical discussion of any issue in national media is just about impossible. Often polls come out with figures saying a majority of Americans believe X, “X” being a right-wing generated falsehood relentlessly promoted by corporate and special interests, rightie media and “think” tanks. Then this poll number is held up triumphantly by the Right as “proof” of the truth of X, when it really is nothing but a measure of the effectiveness of rightie propaganda campaigns. Recent examples:

Americans Skeptical of Science Behind Global Warming

Poll shows desire for tort reform in health care package

Joint us again tomorrow for another episode of “The Decline and Fall of America.”

14 thoughts on “It’s a Mess

  1. What’s that old line?: “I love eating sausage – I just don’t want to see it being made”

    With obstructionist idiots like these, it’ll be a miracle if anything gets passed – which has pretty much the been the GOP plan since Reagan was a pup – Remember, the actor who told us the world would end if we started Medicare?

  2. Adding to the list of issues in which the public has been soaked by right-wing propaganda: only 25% of Americans now consider torture unacceptable under any circumstance.

  3. The worst outcome of the health care reform bill is that the health care industry will end up with 41 million new customers whose health care costs will be subsidized by the government – just as big pharma benefitted big time from medicare part D.

    Whether we pay out of pocket, whether we pay in reduced wages, whether we pay from our tax dollars, we will continue to pay for the worst health care system in the developed world and pay twice as much for it.

    As stated, the goal of the majority of the so-called reformers is to provide health care for all under all circumstances. And the health care lobby’s goal is to make sure the industry remains in place to reap the spoils.

  4. It really gets disheartening, doesn’t it, maha? We live in an upside-down world, as my brother-in-law likes to say. We actually need more medical malpractice suits to get rid of all the bad doctors, since something like 15,000 deaths occur needlessly every year, due to malpractice. A fellow by the name of Tom Baker has written extensively about this. Regarding global warming deniers, don’t they get it that it is really about pollution? Do they think we can continue to pump millions of tons of poison into the air, water and land and not eventually kill ourselves? Good God these fuckers are dense!

  5. We are spiraling down, down, down…
    We spend more on a military that does nothing – except for try to maintain occupations in areas we really had no business being in. (Alright, I may give you Afghanistan, there was SOME rataionl for being there 8 years ago…).
    A military that we spend more that $700 Billion a year – more than all of the other nations of the world combined to protect ourselves against what, exactly? We could pay for health care for everyone with one or two years of that budget. Never mind education and infrastructure repair.
    Our military spending will be our death knell. We will protect oureselves to death. It’s like spending a huge percentage of your income on “Ghost Insurance.”
    “Look, Honey, no ghosts again this year!”
    “Well, Poopsie, that was money well spent again. Let’s increase it next year. We can double our protection at only a small cost of our income.”
    “You’re right. It’s a bargain at twice the price. I’d pay anything to stay off ghosts”
    We are a nation of paranoid morons. We will deserve our come-uppance, I’m sorry to say. And the world will laugh, and put us up on “The Big Board” of nations that were too stupid to continue to exist. We’ will have proven to everyone that which we should have learned in the last few years – you’re never too big to fail!

  6. [S]omething like 15,000 deaths occur needlessly every year, due to malpractice. A fellow by the name of Tom Baker has written extensively about this.

    Tom Baker… seriously? “I’m not a doctor, but I once played The Doctor on the telly….” OK, not the same guy, I’m guessing.

    I may start knitting Senator Ben Nelson voodoo dolls as a sideline. And some of his mother, for teaching him to talk. He is such an embarrassment.

    I am trying hard to think of just one good thing that happened this week, and I’m coming up blank.

  7. One of the things that amazes me is that even with the never ending white wing propaganda machine, we still get democrats elected. I think the biggest impact is on policy where the then elected democrats just don’t have the guts to do what is right. But with all of the propaganda we still have 60+ who want the public option. HHHMMMM, 60, an interesting number. Here in the cheese state, with never ending local right wing hate radio from the two biggest radio stations in the state, we have a democrat governor and state house.

  8. After being away from the computer for three weeks tending to an elderly relative through serious surgery and two weeks in a nursing home for physical therapy, I can say that UMC in Tucson has a staff that defines caring and excellence at an unexpectedly high level. It was an amazing experience, beginning to end. Of course, my aunt has top-flight insurance, but an uninsured, impoverished patient I talked with was getting the same care and concern. As it should be for everyone. But imagine a person who has lost a job, is barely hanging on to a house, and is stricken ill. There goes the home! And there are still bills. Not a good thing! I would like to see every elected and appointed official given what we give the least among us. During my three-week disconnect, I can’t tell that much has changed in terms of the discussion/dialogue/delusions. We need high-quality universal health care. How much clearer can it be?

  9. Yes, it’s a mess, but it could be worse. Orrin Hatch could have things his way. “Get this country under control?” Does this recquire “Taking our country back?” Maybe getting rid of all the “undesirables?”. I’m thinking of the line from “The Producers” – “Don’t be a dummy, be a smarty, come and join the nazi party.” I’m thinking Rush would feel right at home in an SS uniform. Oh, by the way didn’t we just get out from eight years of Republican control of all three branches? The GOP is like the kid that borrows your car, gets drunk and totals it, then giggles hyserically cause it’s all so funny. Oh, and by the way he still wants that new BMW for his graduation.

  10. Bucky – I think it is really that right-wing propaganda is very effective in making people vote against their own best interests. Any honest polling shows that most people want a public option, oppose big tax breaks and preferences for the wealthy and want to preserve a woman’s right to choose.

  11. Bill Bush, thanks for sharing your experience; it’s good to hear stories that set the bar for excellent care. I hope your aunt is doing well. I’ll be lucky if my nephew and niece show dedication like yours, 30 years from now (if I’m still around).

    Part of the anti-reform propaganda kaleidoscope depicts the reform movement as antagonistic toward the nurses, therapists, physicians and surgeons who treat us. It’s important to counter that misinformation whenever the opportunity arises.

  12. Springtime:

    It’s “Don’t be stupid…”

    I suppose the joke is all but lost on a generation that didn’t grow up with Burma-Shave ads.

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