Short Takes

Andrew J. Bacevich thinks President Obama’s troops escalation in Afghanistan is a really bad idea. Max Boot, on the other hand, mostly approves. This is way not reassuring.

On the other hand, the Glenn Beck Christmas show bombs, big time. Heh.

Big health insurer Aetna plans to pump up profits by dumping coverage for 600,000 clients.

Moosewoman, facing new ethics charges, thinks we should all rededicate ourselves to God.

Max Baucus has a girlfriend? Yuck.

6 thoughts on “Short Takes

  1. Aetna’s doing what any proper business does in a capitalist system – increases profit. If we ‘buy’ the system we can’t complain when it fulfills its promise.

    And by the way, the Thugs in Congress’s argument against health care reform cites its tremendous cost, not to mention ‘involvement’ by the government, as a legitimate argument to kill it. As recipients of heavily government subsidized health care coverage, they don’t acknowledge that because their subsidies aren’t taxed as income (which it is) the ‘government’ is being deprived of about $126 billion/year in tax revenues. In my book, this setup is extremely costly not to mention the obvious involvement by government. So what’s the argument again?

  2. I like what Marcy Wheeler (via Digby) had to say about Max Baucus’ girlfriend:

    [W]hile we’re getting all scandalized about Baucus’s bad judgment, let’s talk about the bad judgment that did hurt taxpayers, rather than the one that almost did: the way in which the revolving door on his committee staff made it very easy for the insurance industry to write the Senate’s health care reform bill. I’m much more offended–and directly affected–by the fact that former Wellpoint VP Liz Fowler wrote the Senate health care bill than I am that Baucus nominated, then withdrew, his mistress for a plum job.

    I could care less about Baucus’ sex life; I am incensed that this bought and paid for clown is making life and death decisions for millions in this country.

    I saw some ads in a movie theater for Beck’s Christmas show, which was depressing (can we ever get away from this guy? not even in a theater?), and was cheered to read that his show bombed, and bombed badly. Some weeks ago I read good biography of Beck – detailing his rise through music radio, and which helped me appreciate a comment that nailed him well: Beck is a performance artist.

  3. What’s with Sen. Bacchus? Why that old mink sure fooled me..Just goes to show that when there”s snow on the roof, there’s a fire in the fire place.

  4. …I’m pretty much to the point where I’m thinking that news of new ethics charges against the Moose-Killa From Wassila is starting to rank right up there with “Breaking: There Will Be Weather Today”. Were she actually to run in ’12, her history in Alaska politics would be an on-going feast (in an otherwise perfect world, of course)…

  5. Hey Sarah Palin was right! Death Panels DO EXIST – They’re better known as “Health Insurance Companies.” These are the same malignant trolls who are spending millions to derail health care reform. The only thing more arrogant than announcing you’re raising your prices at the same time you’re saying “There’s nothing wrong with our system” is amount of money they pay these bozos. Seriously what does one man do to to earn $23 million dollars a year? – defecate gold bricks? No wonder they have to raise their prices, their CEO is probably getting tired of his house in the Hamptons & wants a bigger one.

    Forget about health care reform – let’s all get our pitchforks and head down to Aetna’s headquarters :^)

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