15 thoughts on “Take That, Brit Hume

  1. Well, of course. They have no sense of sin, so they have to develop a sense of right and wrong. They have to figure out a way of living that minimizes harm. Christians have a sky wizard that forgives all their sins, so they don’t need to worry about right or wrong.

  2. Heh.

    I’ll have something to say about this on TWO tomorrow. Suffice it to say there’s a little back and forth going on with a notorious anti-gay activist who thinks we’re Gay Hate Bloggurs.

    Or something.

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  4. Poor buddhists. If they had the ability to mumble a few words and have it all go away, maybe they could get as much elicit sex as the other guys. Maybe is IS time fo change! 🙂

  5. Yeah, but which of the two have the quickest recovery rate after they are caught cheating on their spouse? Christians don’t have to go through a long drawn out process of reflection upon their moral failing to attain complete restoration to moral fitness ..In the twinkling of an eye they can be made whole by the redemptive power of a deity,whereas the Buddhist is handicapped with human imperfections and could struggle for years in a healing process that can never be as thorough as Jesus’ job.

    I have to agree with Brother Hume..when you’re standing on a financial empire that is crumpling beneath your feet, and time is not your luxury.. Than go for the spiritual speed wash via Jesus. It might not be the suited for the individual, but it’s perfect for the situation at hand.

  6. I think Brit Hume was talking about from a marketing standpoint – publicly embracing Jeebus is the quickest way of repairing his image with the mouth-breathers who are easily impressed by weepy showboating expressions of Christianity.

    The fact that Hume can conceive of religious choice as a cynical pose for financial and career advantage probably tells us what he thinks of Christianity — after all, his network exploits the gullibility of the easily-shorn sheep of the fundie Christian ‘heartland’ as a business model.

  7. “they have no sense of sin, so they have to develop a sense of right and wrong”

    At least they’re not lynching folks anymore.

    “the spiritual speed wash”

    But then wouldn’t Woods be obliged harassed blackmailed into doing some duty time on FauxNews?

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