16 thoughts on “Like We Didn’t See This Coming

  1. Ditto. I liked his stands on the issues, especially wrt the working classes in America, and I like his wife, but that trial lawyer thing always made me a bit uneasy.

    Sadly, the perfect candidate is just a concept, not a reality. All have warts, and many have feet of clay.

  2. In “normal times” I would think this move (Sarah to FAUX) would be a good thing for humanity. Given her lack of intellect and unintelligible speaking style a regular spot on the TeeVee would surely doom her chances for a successful nationwide political campaign. Unfortunately I don’t think we live in “normal times” her ignorance seems to be a plus for the dimwitted teabaggers who will almost certainly vote for her should she run. And since she will not have her own live show, I’m sure most of her appearances will be thoroughly reviewed and scrubbed before airing to eliminate any embarrassing vocal flourishes. Get your barf bags ready!

  3. Sarah Quaylin will almost certainly use this platform to run her 2012 campaign. I hope someone has the huevos to complain to the FCC about the massive campaign law violations this will involve.

  4. I think a lot of you are missing the point. Maybe she’s soooooo stupid, even FOX wouldn’t commit to giving her a show.
    Now, maybe she didn’t ask because her stupid book is selling in the tea-bag community like hotcakes at a diabetic denial get-together, but it still tells me something. Like maybe she doesn’t want to work hard enough to maintain a show. It’s easier to snipe as a commentator.
    Anyway, she’s home, where her heart (if she has one) is….

  5. Faux figured out the best use for SP by giving her an irregular spot in their lineup. It’s a win-win for both parties. As others have pointed out, she’s too incoherent, and too fickle to merit a long term commitment on any national platform. But she riles the troops, and that’s all that matters to them.

  6. Off topic (sorry) but I just read that a judge has ruled that Roeder can argue “justifiable homicide” when he goes on trial for killing Dr. Tiller. I’m stunned and speechless.

  7. Would that we could count on a Fox News gig keeping her out of the race for the White House. It would be the first time I’d have been grateful for Fox News. Sadly, it will just fuel her fan base, and leave her better positioned to run. (Though, since being President is hard work, she may just prefer a better paying, easier job with Rupert.)

  8. The stupidest quote of the day comes from Steve Schmidt:

    “There were numerous instances that [Palin] said things that were – that were not accurate … And that opened the door to criticism that she was being untruthful and inaccurate.”

    Jeeze, you think?

  9. Two years of reading grammatically correct sentences written by others so she can sound like she is capable of coherent thought. This is that “gravitas” stuff everyone was saying she lacked.

    I really thought for a minute that she wasn’t running for president in 2012. I was wrong again. Our only hope is that she figures out how much work the job actually entails.

    (It’ll be almost entertaining to watch the wingnuts fall all over themselves saying “We never said a teleprompter was proof you’re stupid!” Almost.)

  10. Above someone made the comment that the palin book was selling like hotcakes….lets not forget how the gop noise machine works…places like WND buy up these books and sell them for 4.95 a copy or give them away free with subscriptions to a crappy news letter or a trashy rag…..they were bragging that the palin book was already a best seller a week before it’s release..and anyone with a brain can figure out how…

    It’s just like the gold scam…..sean insanity and beck pawn this stuff on their radio show after tell us the country is about to collapse …we know the game…They count on the weak masses to be stupid and it seems to be working out pretty darn good for them.. they have managed to build a empire upon it..

    I have an idea for her first show: A hunting trip with dick cheney

  11. Sarah’s gonna be hosting a series? Maybe Fox is doing a revamp of the Twilight Zone. Sarah will fit in well in that dimension between light and shadow.

  12. Politicians will often feign ignorance as a way to appeal to the ‘average’ voter (what’s that say about us) but Palin actually is ignorant – which apparently is why she is so adored? Really, her ‘platform’ is I’m qualified for higher office because I don’t know shit and I’m proud of it. AAARGH.

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