7 thoughts on “Terrible Loss for the Blogosphere

  1. Only the good die young. JFK, MLK, RFK, et al…
    This also explains Phyllis Schlaffly, Rush, Bunning, etc…

  2. Hi, Maha,

    Did you leave me a comment at my blog asking me to get in touch with you? (Sorry, given everything that goes on, I am paranoid about just e-mailing blog people I feel I don’t know.)


  3. Hi, Maha,

    Yes, fairly recently (blogger comments don’t have datestamps, but it had to have been in the last couple of weeks). Someone claiming to be you and using an e-mail at the maacenter.org domain posted a comment on my blog asking me to contact them about a “quick question.” Curiouser and curiouser.


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