7 thoughts on “Only 30,000

  1. How pleasant to think that is the case.

    As a Census field rep, I think these folks are all in my county.

  2. Wow, not exactly an ocean or a sea of protest. More like a pond.
    Still, I wish I’d known about it. All those old, white people, on Social Security and MediCare, screaming about and protesting “Socialized” medicine!
    I would have tried to get a concession stand that sells colostomy bags. I’d have made a fortune! Oh, wait, those are covered are covered under MediCare, aren’t they?
    OK, a Dentu-Grip concession stand.

  3. @ Lynne – you go girl. I can never remember a time in my life when the census has been so demonized. Can’t wait for Shelly Bachmann to take one step too far over the line and get censured. Watching this video and hearing the guy talking about wearing his 9mm at his side I’m thinking – yeah, this is where we’re heading – 21st century gunfight at the O.K. (Circle K) corral.

    p.s. – why WOULDN’T you avoid somebody wearing a glock 9mm if it’s obvious they’re not a cop?


  4. All those old, white people, on Social Security and MediCare, screaming about and protesting “Socialized” medicine!

    c u n d gulag, I am one of those old white people on social security and medicare and stereotyping is never cool. When I see the news, I see more of the older middle class white people. Pretty much people like the republicans who started all the crap. You’re forgiven…peace. Kathleen

  5. Back in 1980, I went to D.C. with a group of people with disabilities for a demonstration promoting greater accessibility and other important issues. There was approximately 60,000 people there. President Reagan sent out a Marine Corps string quartet to play music for us, which was a polite way of dismissing us. The protest didn’t even make the local news. Contrast that with the current coverage of smaller demonstrations.

    One aspect of universal healthcare that I haven’t heard anything about is the impact it would have on people with disabilities. Many people with serious conditions are served by Medicaid, so they have healthcare. But, if they seek employment they have to land a job with equal medical insurance. The chances of this are slim to none given their pre-existing conditons. In short, even though going back to work might be their fondest wish, it would be very imprudent to lose Medicaid coverage. Healthcare reform has the potential to free millions of Americans with disabilities to join the labor force.

  6. The tea partiers are for the most part the same folks who voted for junior bush not once but twice and now claim that “he really wasn’t one of us” and because Obama is illegitimate they want a “do-over”. How pathetic is that. After yesterday’s disgraceful display in Washington I think they’re toast! I’m worried about the President. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these nutters tries something extremely foolish.

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