“Deem and Pass” Rejected

The House Rules Committee has rejected the “deem and pass” process and instead will put the Senate bill up for a vote tomorrow.

Here’s the plan: There will be three votes. The first is on a resolution that will set the terms for the debate. The second vote is on the amendments, and the third is to the Senate bill. The idea is that by voting for the amendments first the House wants to make it clear it is only passing the Senate bill as amended.

Meanwhile, the White House is working on an executive order meant to mollify the Stupak crowd. I hope it simply clarifies the existing bill and doesn’t open a door to further restrictions.

Update: I’m getting frantic emails from various feminist organizations calling for people to call the White House to stop the “capitulation” to Stupak. We don’t know what’s in the executive order yet. I suspect it’s just going to re-state the status quo, but we’ll see.

3 thoughts on ““Deem and Pass” Rejected

  1. So, the demon is past.
    I wasn’t a huge advocate of it, but I would do anything at this point to pass the existing, admittedly flawed, Health Care Plan.
    Once the public wakes up a couple of months from now, and Glenn, Rush, Sean, Michelle, Ann, and the rest of their illk (sic) aren’t in some Federal Penal Colony off the coast of Florida, and there’s no black helicopters flying over divisions of goose-steeping Storm Troopers from the Obama Corp as they enforce mandatory abortions, and there’s no “Death Panels” telling the entire Palin clan they must be euthanized, they may wonder what all of the fear-mongering hoopla was all about.

    Let’s hope that the public remembers the story about the “Boy who cried wolf” too often. Maybe the days of endless ratcheting up of “end of civilization” fear for any move the President or the Democrats try may have passed.
    Yeah, I know. In my dreams…

  2. I’m reading that Diana DeGette has signed off on the language in the executive order and she is representing the pro-choice Dems in this thing. I know Diana and can’t believe she would sign off on something that would screw women’s reproductive rights any further than they already are.

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