Wingnuts Threaten Congress

Josh Marshall writes that “crowds of anti-Reform/Tea Party activists” are going through the halls of the Longworth office building “shouting slogans and epithets at Democratic members of Congress.” Also, “We’re now getting reports that other protestors yelled ‘nigger’ at Rep. John Lewis (D-GA).” And they think government is oppressing them.

Think Progress reports that protesters outside the Capitol Building are carrying signs threatening gun violence if health care reform passes.

I’d say they are behaving like baboons, but that would be an insult to baboons.

Update: Think Progress reports that Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MD) was spit on by a protester. Several reports say they called Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) a “faggot.” Class to the end.

14 thoughts on “Wingnuts Threaten Congress

  1. Can we now officially abandon the desire to reach ‘bipartisan compromises’? Who wants to work with a gang of racist thugs and the rich men who use them as shock troops?


  2. Well, now, as if we ever doubted them, we at least we now know their true colors:
    White = not brown.
    Anti-gay = we all know what that means. That hating on the penises and vaginas means that you, yourself, love the one that you think is a threat to your own sex; that you have to say that you HATE, but, in realtiy, it’s the one that YOU WANT SO BAD (you can taste it – but you don’t dare!!!!)
    You just won’t admit it, will you, dears?
    You desperately want what your parents, and society, said you must fear. I’m about a heterosexual as you can be, so, thoughts of penises don’t scare me. They don’t thrill me either. It’s just that the thought of a firm penis doesn’t make me so scared that I might want to go down on it like a choca-holic on a Baby Ruth bar. Ain’t gonna happen… You wanna do it? Your privilege. I hope you, and the recipient, enjoy it. To the max!
    And it’s so refreshing to hear the word “NIGGER!” used again. We so missed it. “FUCKING REDNECK CRACKER!”
    “Nigger?” Really? You can’t even be creative enough to think of some metaphore?
    Yeah, the right-wing is completely out of idea’s if they can’t even think of a a new way of calling an African-American, or a person of color, a “Nigger!” What, “SMOKE” got in your eyes?

  3. As negative as I am about my “adopted” home here in Baton Rouge, I have to say that there are no activities here by the wingnuts. I think being a college town helps this place be more liberal. We do have a black Dem mayor as well as a black police chief. Before Jindal, we had a Dem woman governor. She got shafted by the “good ol’ boys”, including mr. jindal, during Katrina, but was a good governor none the less. Hmmm, a thought pops in and I’m thinking maybe that explains Mary Landreu’s stupidity this year…hmmm.

    My question is, who are these people and where do they come from? Kathleen


    Is the link to HuffPo article with 8 pictures of the baggers’s signs. This is exactly the thing you can expect from having Republican leadership egging them on. It is a clear link to the reason I fear for Obama’s safety.

    Doug, I tried this with your template earlier, but it turned my whole paragraph into a link, rather than turning into a red link itself. I didn’t realize that had happened till I hit submit, because I hadn’t checked the preview before hitting “submit”. Anyway, I’ll get straight somehow, about the time we get HCR, maybe, if I study hard tonight!

  5. You know you’re a redneck if…

    …you refer to the fifth grade as, “your senior year”.
    …you go to family reunions to meet women.
    …you consider Outdoor Life deep reading.
    …you consider your license plate “personalized” because your father made it.
    …you don’t stop at rest areas because you have empty beer bottles in the car.
    …you take a load to the dump and bring back more than you took.
    …you use a toilet brush as a back scratcher.
    …you own a homemade fur coat.
    …your wife has ever said, “Come move this transmission so I can take a bath.”
    …you wonder how service stations keep their restrooms so clean.
    …you removed the back seat from your car so all your kids could fit in.
    …your child’s first words were “Attention K-Mart shoppers!”
    …you’re banned from the local zoo because you disturb the monkeys.
    …your “Proud Teabagger” T-shirts have no sleeves and your television channel knob is duct taped to Foxnews.

  6. Down here in Floriduh, Mike Bennett, State rep. (R) Bradenton is trying to introduce legislation to require drug testing for receiving unemployment insurance payments. With unemployment so high in the trades and service industry, and so many people “self medicating” to keep it together, this is gonna open up a can of worms. Perhaps we should have random drug testing monthly for all politicians as well as backround checks. We’re turning into a country of free range chickens.

    Damn, FreD, I Have gone to the dump and brought back more, and my boat transmission was in the way just that one time;
    I think you can add,
    ” when you pass a semi-rig on the interstate with the word “Target” on the side, you reach for your 12 ga. pump.”

  7. Does anyone know whether the protestors were wearning brown shirts? The TPM article that iron links to didn’t include that information. They certainly had the routine down…

  8. Dave, the guy standing next to the yahoo with the (paraphrased) “If not Brown then Browning [picture of a handgun]” sign was wearing an American-flag shirt. The password is “Heil Limbaugh,” and don’t fergit t’bring yer guns.

    Do these people understand they’ll have to murder their neighbors, coworkers and relatives, in order to stage their putsch?

    Oh, wait, I see the problem… “these people” and “understand” in the same sentence. My bad!

  9. erinyes,
    I lived in the GA – FL border area for a time. Most folks I met down there were a fairly decent and civilized cross section of America as a whole. But then… these were mostly relocated professionals, military, retirees, vacationers and students.

    My experiences with the local country-bred “conservative” whites in the area were… more interesting, to say the least.

    I worked with a guy who married a local gal, only to have her entire unemployed family move in with him. Our cubicle mate bragged about spending thanksgiving weekend shooting out his old car with armor piercing. My apartment manager and staff was as bad as anything out of Green Acres. Racism and sexual harassment appeared to be cultural values.

    But there are more romantic mental images that will stay with me forever. Like the old couple on the porch swing I’d drive pass each day going to work, always there, rain or shine or high water. Literally. Yard and house flooded after record rains and they’re still out there a-swingin’. Or the guy with the grossly overloaded bottom scraping pickup truck exploding a tire at the gas station air pump within 10 feet of me. My rental car that had roaches. The health club hick manager who wouldn’t let me quit despite my proof that I was moving cross country.

    Good times. Good memories. I actually enjoyed myself down there.

  10. I wonder if any Republican politicians are waking up to the fact that they’ve gotten in bed with some very ugly bottom-feeders. Ridiculing a man with Parkinson’s Disease? Trash talking and spitting on Dem legislators? Threatening a shoot ’em up, if they don’t get their way?

    Hell, you’ll see more civilized behavior at closing time in a biker bar.

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