Let It Be

I understand that the official HCR vote will be this evening, some time after 8 o’clock, and that President Obama will sign it into law asap. The Senate still has to pass the revision package, but I think that can be later. The Senate bill itself will have passed.

9 thoughts on “Let It Be

  1. I’m not religious, but let me say this: “AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    This is a start. But it could revive the Obama Adminstration, and could lead to other things like reform of banking and Wall Street.
    Oh, and David Frum writes about this being the Republicans Waterloo. I tried to link, but all I could find were blogs about what he wrote. Hullabaloo and Kos had pretty good excerpts.
    I hope that, for a change, Frum’s right! Maybe ABBA* can sing “Waterloo” at the R & R Hall Hall of Fame induction as we pass more progressive legislation.

    *Secret admission, please don’t tell anyone – I always liked ABBA! I’m a huge fan from the ’70’s of The Who, Bowie, Alice Cooper, and, later, punk and new wave, so please don’t tell anyone I like ABBA’s music. I thought it was melodic and fun! I just won’t admit it. Much…

  2. Per Huffpo, Stupak says he is bringing over more than enough votes to pass it. Salon says the bill “will pass easily.”

    Still, I’m on the edge of my seat.

    gulag: ABBA? Seriously? Dude.

  3. Gulag — John Cole put up ABBA singing Waterloo at Balloon Juice this evening. Go visit and enjoy.

  4. Hey, Gulag…Seems you and John McCain got something in common. That’s cool that you’re a closeted Abba fan.. I enjoy watching reruns of the Larence Welk show, and my wife is alway threatening to out me as a musical geek.. I can’t help it if I like polkas, and accordion music.

  5. Woohoo! Thanks for the ABBA link. After all this time — all the ugly lows and hopeful highs, all the teeth-gnashing suspense — Waterloo had me dancing. By myslef. Inelegantly, owing to a celebratory glass of champage (I think the beer mug may have been a mistake). Just for the sheer joy of seeing the log jam finally breaking on HCR.

    Tomorrow I shall have such a headache.

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