Well, Rand Son of Ron won big in Kentucky, as expected. Waiting on other results.

Update, 9:36Nate says Lincoln and Specter are in trouble, but he’s not calling the elections.

Update, 9:51: It’s not an official call, but a couple of sources are saying it’s going to be Sestak over Specter.

Update: 10:13 Sestak wins. Interesting.

Update, 10:48 It appears the Democrat, Crist Critz, will win John Murtha’s old seat. We don’t yet know the final margin, but it seems to be comfortable so far. Nate Silver had said that if the Dems win the seat by 5 or more, it should be a good omen for Dems in November.

Update: 11:43 The Arkansas race will go to a runoff.

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  1. It would take generations to have a state wide breeding issue… I would say that if their is one state in the Union that would elect a teatard it would be Kentucky, or really any place in the Southeast. Teabaggers are really just republicans by new names.

  2. “Does Kentucky have a statewide genetic problem due to inbreeding?”

    Pretty much. Even the horses are over bred.

    “Teabaggers are really just republicans by new names” Really pale Republicans, from wearing the white hoods a WHOLE lot.

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  4. Sestak wins, Interesting.
    Interesting really? What does it say that an old encrusted republican turned democrat even had a chance. Yeah team democrats. Some how he had the establishment behind him? You lost me. Good riddance Specter, enjoy yourself, thankfully we did not have to endure any more of your political career. 60 years was quite enough. Take your federal pension and fade away, consider yourself lucky you didn’t get locked up.

  5. In regards to Specter: he (and the Maine Republicans) is of a dead or dying era of political discourse where Senators could be middleish and still get along… used to be plenty of Democrats in the South and Northeast Republicans. I think Maha linked a great article about this sometime last year in the midst of the health care discussion. Therefore, Maha is correct, it is interesting to see him go – one more stake in the heart of the past.

  6. The Rand paul win is particularly interesting, His dad is famously antiwar/ anti foreign intervention, and against the military/ industrial complex.
    To many, this smells like “Anti American”, THEY like bang bang boom boom.
    Could this indicate a spiritual wake-up, a distrubance in the force?

    With Specter’s age and cancer history, he wasn’t a good choice.
    I wish him well in retirement, ‘hope he doesn’t take offense, and hope he enjoys having mornings with out battle plans.

    • Erinyes: Rand Paul also is a small-government extremist who (I understand) wants to replace the income tax with a sales tax, so I’m not terribly reassured. News stories say he is really good at tapping into the teabagger’s anger issues. I think his victory tells us that the GOP can no longer drive people to the polls by jerking the chains of 9/11, so to speak, because the tea partiers finally have lost interest in it and have reverted to their natural state of isolationism. This means the 9/11 issue has finally worn itself out except among the die-hard neocon-Israel uber alles crowd.

  7. maha,
    Yes, but fear is still the coin of the realm. Whatever traction they’ve lost with 9/11, they’re trying to gain back with immigration.
    Fear still works. Hell, after 9/11 they had parts of the country terrified. Parts where no self respecting terrorist would attack without fear of getting killed when he went back for wasting assets on the ’tilt-a’whirl’ and merry-go-round at your county fair, instead of targets in major cities. And the Bushies fed that by allocated more security money per-capita to Indiana, than to NYC.
    Now, it’s the brown people. Hell, what is it, over 60% (70%?) approve of AZ’s stupid “Show me ze paper’s” laws. They’ve taken issues that were crime-related like drug and human smuggling, and turned them into illegal immigration issues.
    They’ll tie their small government philosophy into all of this by saying, ‘wouldn’t you want whatever little government we have left’ be there to protect you from the illegal brown people coming for your jobs, your wives, your daughters, even your sons?
    Fear. It’s all they have, because that’s all they know…

  8. I’m beyond tired, and somewhat wary of media spin following an election. Tired because of the repetitiveness and wary because their coverage is so shallow. Foreinstance, in analyzing what a certain election may mean it’s often true that a certain candidate wins for no reason other than his/her opponent couldn’t get elected dog-catcher. So to treat the win as a major indication of the mood-in-the-country, or how the country will vote in (November), what party will be in the majority in Congress as of (November), blah,blah,blah is pure poppycock.

    If it was just poppycock, no big deal. However, given our human proclivity for jumping on band-wagons, to backing a winner etc. this type of media spin can actually affect how people will vote in (the next election.)

    Which reminds me, why oh why must a ‘news’ broadcast be chopped up into a series of one minute segments. No wonder story coverages are so shallow. Is it because an average viewer’s attention span is only one minute long? Is it because a segment longer than a minute might reveal that the so-called reporter chairing the program is as mentally shallow as the coverage? (Rachel, to her credit, seems to break the one-minute rule.)

  9. I’m wearing a weak smile this morning, pleased that Sestak won, Bill Halter in AK has a real chance at upsetting Blanche Lincoln next month, and that Rand Paul made a lot of trouble for the GOP (and Mitch McConnell). I agree with this writer over at the Agonist:

    …So we have a long time to bask in the glory of Democratic victories, but I digress. There’s still work to be done. We have to close the deal on a progressive agenda. Getting rid of deadwood like Lincoln and Specter will help us accomplish that, and the more Teabaggers that manage to kick GOP deadwood to the curb, the more energized progressives and Democrats will become.

  10. Rand Paul is named after Ayn Rand, and that’s enough to convince me of his inappropriateness as a public servant; it ain’t public self-servant, after all. As for Ron Paul’s antiwar stance, that comes under the “stopped-clock” (right twice a day) category. Everything else he stands for is nuts.

  11. uncledad,
    And the pig-in-the-mud-sex our great abstinence Congressman had was in a Communist, Socialist, Public Park, where he stained the public land with his unabstained private man-seed.
    I wonder how they tied his trysts to the parks? Was it the empty vials of Viagra with his name on them, or the empty little bottles of “Love Potion #9) with her witchdoctor’s name on them.
    Also, according to TPM, there may have been ethics violations.
    Now, Republican politicians don’t normally resign because of heterosexaul affairs or ethics problems, so I’m either waiting for somehing to come out about a dead girl or a live boy, or, after DeLay and crew, those must be some ethics violotions of Biblical proportions.

  12. @joanr16: I totally agree with you about “self-service” being a cardinal principal of the Randians, but I’d take them over in Fundies any day. At least libertarians are occasionally capable of reason and compromise. As for Ron Paul; the “BS” alert ought to go off every time he says he believes in libertarian ideas about personal freedom, but he’s anti-choice.

  13. Maha and ‘Gulag,Right you both are.
    JoanR, ‘Love ya babe(I enjoy and respect your comments!), but I’m in a bit of a disagreement with “everything else he stands for is nuts”.
    I’m in agreement with Tom B.If Ron Paul would win in 2012, we’d be in far better off than if a nut job like Sarah the sledgehammer wins, at least there is reasoning with Paul.

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