The Night’s Results

I have been out this evening and just got back to learn that Ron Johnson beat Russ Feingold in Wisconsin. I see Rubio is in in Florida and Rand Paul won in Kentucky. Kentucky has a lot to answer for.

I’m not going to stay up late tonight to see West Coast results, but please do talk among yourselves about the evening.

13 thoughts on “The Night’s Results

  1. Okay. Let ’em cut off their own heads. See if I care. Go ahead and swim in Lake Crazy, but don’t come asking the Liberals for a life raft. This is is like watching a child sticking a fork in an electric socket. heh heh.

  2. Well, it’s a big victory night for the American spirit of intolerance,bigotry,xenophobia,homophobia, and patriarchy. I’ll be interesting to see how the darlings of the Tea party synchronize their starry eyed rhetoric with reality they’ll be faced with. I know Rubio’s act…Like a well seasoned hooker he’ll tell you just what you want to hear in order to get where he wants to go. I’m amazed that the voters in Florida can be so gullible as to put their hopes upon a man who will turn on a dime to secure his political fortunes. An opportunist without substance.

  3. Most surrealistic moment so far: 20-year Congressman and Republican leader John Boehner, a man who was there when the deficit-exploding Bush tax cuts were passed (and helped arrange the 10-year sunset scam as a way to hide its effects) having just handily won re-election to his seat, tonight close to being two heartbeats away from the Presidency, talking about how “we are witnessing a repudiation of Washington, a repudiation of big government and a repudiation of politicians who refuse to listen to the people.”

    No wonder he was tearing up; it must hurt even a liar like him to squeeze out a whopper of that magnitude.

    I had to go watch Stargate Universe because being stuck on an ancient alien starship in a distant galaxy seemed more plausible.

  4. Tonight is another two year span of nothing means nothing. Proof positive that aint nobody less informed than the average “independent” American voter. Listing side to side every two years (a boat set adrift). Unsure about politics, perpetually unproductive, unaware of everything else, the American “independent” always makes sure that no matter what, nobody gets ahead.

  5. And in this morning’s poll on CNN, 41% of the poeple thought the results of last nights election will hurt the country. Well, DUH! Then, why didn’t ALL of you vote?

    I slept badly last night. My one consolation is that it cannot possibly be worse for the next two years than it was from ’01-’07. After that, who knows.
    ‘And the band played on…’

  6. It depends on what the White House “learned” from the election. If they decide to cut the deficit instead of stimulating the economy it could be much worse than ’01-’07 given the relative starting point. Even if they do “stimulate”, their method of stimulation via the trickle down theory doesn’t leave much room for optimism anyway IMO.

  7. It was the expected result; a turn against the presidential party, mid-term; practically SOP nowadays. So now the legislative Obama retires, and is replaced by the executive Obama. No doubt the nihilist Reds will play stupid legislative tricks, and probably over-reach.

    Sharron Angle didn’t get what she wanted. Whom does she propose to shoot?

    In local (California) propositions; pity about 19. Try, try again in 2012. Meanwhile the Governator downgraded pot to a misdemeanor.

    Here’s a bright spot; prop 25 passed. Majority rule for passing budgets.

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  9. I’m thinking about a lawsuit against the Republican party for PTSD. I knew when I went to the polls here in Baton Rouge that Vitter was a shoe in…maybe I just live in the wrong neighborhood. Hard to believe that last night I was giddy over the NV and Del victories…being optimistic, however, I’d like to think that the WH has already devised a strategy. Also, if they keep up what they’ve done for the last two years, the next election will be easy. I just can’t keep looking at the doom and gloom.

    One rant though: These glorified holier than thou Christians here in the Bible Belt would rather have a cheating, prostituting, do nothing senator such as Mr. Vitter, than a more upstanding, proven citizen like Mr. Melancon. It is now obvious to me that the dumbing down of America since the Reagan administration is really paying off. I have been an Independent for a very long t ime…a p rogressive one. But now I see that I will have to change my party affiliation to Dem so I can vote in the primaries. Hey, we must all take something out of this experience…

    One bright spot…my home state, Hawaii, has returned the governorship back to an experienced Dem so maybe things will get better there and I can move back home one day…do you think being an optimist includes gritting your teeth while being so?? Maybe I have some work to do on that. Love you all, thanks for keeping me sane and informed.

  10. kathleen,
    What was promised was ‘trickle down.’ What they didn’t tell you, was that it was the ‘dumbing down’ that was going to trickle down.
    Mission Accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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