Be of Good Cheer, or at Least Less Glum

A few bright spots in the fog —

Blue Dogs Go DownAlex Pareene lists the 16 Blue Dog Democrats who voted with House Republicans against extending unemployment benefits. Only three of them are returning to Congress next year. Boo bleeping hoo.

Tea Party Losers — Just 32% of Tea Party candidates win, says NBC’s Alexandra Moe, although I can’t say I understand her calculations.

Given these two facts above, expect the punditocracy and Beltway Conventional Wisdom to decide Democrats need to move right to appease the almighty teabaggers. Whatever.

7 thoughts on “Be of Good Cheer, or at Least Less Glum

  1. The burning question I have yet to see any pundit address is this: Does Cuomo’s success in NY mean that, in fact, the Rent is NOT 2 Damn High???

    Maybe we can get Jimmy McMillan a job writing speeches for Obama. It would be more entertaining than repeats of his “we can work together” schtick, and at least as effective, since the GOP aren’t hiding their intentions to do nothing of the sort.

    • The burning question I have yet to see any pundit address is this: Does Cuomo’s success in NY mean that, in fact, the Rent is NOT 2 Damn High???

      I think the results in New York show a voter preference for candidates who are not suffering from anything listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Other than that, it’s kind of hard to tell what voters are thinking.

  2. I got my Congressman back (Yea!).

    But, ufortunately, I also got the low-life, good-for-nothing SOB senator I’ve endured for 6 years back. He voted against the unemployment extensions. If we were not living in “bizarro world”, that alone would be enough to disqualify him from running.

  3. US to spend $511 million to expand Kabul embassy

    See! All the election results aren’t even in and already the stimulus money is starting to flow just like it was predicted it would.

  4. I for one, am very glad those mutt’s are gone.
    And of course you’re right, maha. Especially with Feingold and Grayson losing, the Democrats will be told by the pund-twit-ocracy that to win in future elections, they’ll have to start at least consider wearing some shade of brown in the shirts.

  5. True, we did get rid of some Blue Dogs, for which I am glad.

    Now, could the Stupidcratic Party get a unified message of accomplishments of our side and screwings of the Rethuglicans? And could we have enough party discipline to make sure everybody is reading from that script? We all know that what is heard repeatedly becomes what is believed. Aren’t you sure that Death Panels are real in the minds of many low-information voters? Aren’t you thinking about the fact that their votes count as much as yours?

    As far as bipartisanship goes, if Obama hasn’t learned anything about that by now, I have very much overestimated him. Of course, he can’t come out in public and admit it, but he could leak his knowledge of it by a few bits of hardball.

    We need to remember, as one well-named website says, “these things don’t just blame themselves” and be sure to let it be known who is to thank for certain things.

    Communication is the problem. Think back about it.

    Over the mountains, more mountains.

    Onward, ever onward.

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